American retiring to Taiwan

As a 73 year old retiree interested in retiring to Taiwan I found it almost impossible.  I'm surprised Taiwan would want to lose such a potential source of revenue.  Retirees who retire overseas are usually well set financially. Thus they wouldn't be a burden on Taiwan's infrastructure.  Hell, my Social Security income is higher than the Taiwanese average income.  Not to mention other retirement income.

I have owned and operated a Taiwan news digest website since 1995 called Eye On Taiwan ( ).  Not sure if that would provide any leverage for me, however.

Is anyone here a retiree living permanently in Taiwan?  If so I would be interested when you did it and how.

Taiwan does not offer residency for retirees.  Countries such as Australia Malaysia and Thailand do. Any previous business you owned in Taiwan is irrelevant and would provide no leverage.

What if the foreigner  owns a business in Taiwan but does not retire as owner?  A Taiwan citizen would run the day to day operations as Director of Operations.  The owner would oversee his function.

It seems extremely odd that Taiwan would want to lose the revenue stream from taxes on the business  and a retiree's personal spending.

Do you know why the government does not want foreign retirees to retire to Taiwan?  Seems odd if they are self supported with a retirement income which is larger than the average income of most Taiwanese? 

Seems like the only country that doesn't including most European countries.  Is it a form of bigotry against Caucasians?

Of course you could ask the authorities if your last point is the reason.

I have a French friend in his mid eighties living in Taipei but he runs a business. His partner or friend is Taiwanese and she told me that it was really difficult to get him residency there. I mean she is well connected but still found it very difficult, but finally they succeeded.

You could try Malaysia or Thailand or Indonesia, they all have some form of retirement visa, and make occasional visits to Taiwan.

Why do you suppose does Taiwan not have a similar retirement visa as Thailand?

Every country has a different policy concerning retirement visas. But for Taiwan i guess you could probably find out as well as anyone especially considering your experience with your news digest website, surely you must have good connections there. However, I will WhatsApp my friend there and perhaps she can shed some light on why the government doesn't offer retirement visas, and I will get back to you if she tells me.

arnie :

Why do you suppose does Taiwan not have a similar retirement visa as Thailand?

Why do suppose they should? Taiwan does not need retirees to move to Taiwan there is no benefit in doing that.

I love how the other person claims their friends have "connections"  lol  We all have connections in Taiwan.  It is not Taiwan that is bigoted against Caucasians for not offering a retiree visa. It's not going to happen. That is a stupid comment.  Taiwan does not offer retiree visa's to non Caucasians as well, secondly the USA is hardly a Caucasian country considering how many different ethnic groups live there.

I basically agree with the above comments Why should a country feel privileged to accept westerners who want to retire in their country? They have no obligation at all. Better find the countries that offer a retirement visa. Also, if you check those countries you will find that some of those countries have high requirements while others are easier. Indonesia is easier but you cannot buy a house there and if you buy an apartment it needs to reach a very high minimum price. Malaysia has a popular retirement program called MM2H and is quite easy too except you need to place quite a sizeable chunk of money into an FD that cannot be touched without special circumstances and they also have a quite high minimum limit on the price that foreigners need to spend on a property.

It's funny the way you say that everyone has connections in Taiwan. The OP obviously doesn't but probably wishes he does :)

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