Portuguese Citizen Marrying a Foreigner

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My name is Dario, I am a Portuguese Citizen but I was born and raised in South Africa. I have spent the past three years in Prague, Czechia but now I am in Lisbon for an internship.

I am engaged to an Azerbaijani woman for a year whom I met in Prague in 2014, and I want her to be in Lisbon with me, and to start a marriage process, however we are having troubles with understanding which Visa to apply or how to apply. There are numerous factors and challenges.

Her home Country does not have a Portuguese Embassy or Consulate. The nearest is in Turkey. She was told by the Spanish Embassy that she can apply for a Visa through the French Embassy. And if she does get the 'tourist' Visa, it will only permit around 2 weeks. This won't be enough time to begin the marriage procedure.

So my question is: Is there a Visa type for this strange type of situation - for example, South Africa (my country of birth) has a Visa specifically for Fiancees. It is named "Fiance Visa".

I look forward to your help and suggestions!


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@ Abdallaalzoghby, If you have the official information, could you please post it on the forum itself so that other members in the same situation might as well benefit from your inputs ?

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maybe I am a bit late to provide the advice that you need but we had a similar situation.
We ended up getting married before we came and I was automatically a resident. So if you are sure that you are going to marry, then why hesitate. Just do it and the problem is solved. You can always have another ceremony with family later.
However, if you want to wait then I would suggest that you contact the nearest Portuguese embassy or the SEF
http://www.sef.pt/portal/v10/en/aspx/ap … px?spand=2
as soon as you arrive.

Hmm as non-EU citizen who moved to Portugal because of a marriage with my Portuguese husband, what we did was I was here on tourist visa already (as my passport  type was allowing me to stay in EU countries 3 months at a time as tourist), and we got married in the related portuguese authority, only after then we applied for resident permit.

Hi everyone,

My fiancee is non-EU & she will move to Portugal after studying. We plan to marry next year. How long after marry will it take for her to get a residence permit? Also can she work in Portugal after marry?


very true ,hi got a question my wifes portugese resident in the uk im in africa .our marriage is registered in portugal is there any advantages to this when getting a visa to travel to portugal .i hear some countries under eu law have to experdite your visa and its free is this true

Dear Deniz I’m not sure if I will get reply or not from you since your post was last year but I have one question about getting married with Portuguese, we already did paper work and it is in border service we wait for approval I just wanted to ask how long it took getting approval from border service when you were getting married thank you if i get answe from you it would help me a lot
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