EU Citizens - Residency - Minimum Number of Days in Portugal Per Year


I have Canadian and Irish citizenship. I am thinking about moving permanently to Portugal.

I know this is reasonably straightforward because I have an Irish passport (no visa required, etc). I have to officially declare my intention to seek residency soon after arriving.

Here is my question: Once I have made the declaration that I wish to seek residency, how many days per year do I have to reside in Portugal in order to ensure that my residency request remains valid? The final step for me would be to obtain Portuguese citizenship.

I am mostly asking because I would like to spend some time travelling to other European countries.

I have not been able to find out from any of the sources I have consulted what the rule might be.



6 months plus one day.  I am in the same boat I believe. That way, you are unable to remain in any other tax jurisdiction more than 6 months, hence they cannot "claim" you as being resident for tax purposes.
Oh, that requirement is within any Portugese tax year which is same as calendar year.
I understand your request for ressidency in Portugal can also be backdated a few months.

My comment based on Residency for tax purposes.

Thanks, I assume that the question I am asking is not really about taxation, more about determining what is required to maintain residency status.

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