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i am lakshan from sri lanka i was a student pass holder in singapore  earlier  due to some difficulties i cam back home. soo after some time i hope to go singapore again and my company applied me s pass  and s pass wass rejected and so they re appeal  but the rejection was my education  background  was not enough  and my company thought of giving me a chance to study again and after i grauated  they said they will hire me... soo i got sponsership of the company to apply student pass but my student pass is rejected again and the appeal again but appeal also been rejected so  company trying to re appeal again plzz some one help me??

You are confusing yourself. Your company can't apply student visa. Your company only apply working pass. If it's granted then you will work here as an employee. If company wants you to study further then you can enrol courses where company can provide your sponsorship where the cost of fees will be paid proportionate or fully by your employer but still your pass will be workings visa (not students visa). The employer can't sponsor your full time graduation, only support any certifications or short term courses for benefit of the job offered by the employer or at best case executive MBA or similar professional courses (normally offered to higher valued employee). 

As per Singapore law you can't work while studying any full time graduation under student visa. Only part time work during weekend (max 16hrs per week) can be allowed related to any industrial attachment programs then you must be studied those approved institutions (check MoM website section work pass and permits for students).

Your s pass rejection was due to not meet the minimum qualification as part of MoM requirements. So, nothing your employer can do about it.

I would suggest to visit MoM website to check the basic requirements. So, not sure how your employer applying student visa for you. MoM will definitely reject your application under a wrong format (Student visa) applied by your employer. Good luck.

i know that i can't  work in student pass. company  applied  me s pass before but it got rejected due to educational background so they think of appyling me a student pass  for full time course in shatec college with the sponsor  letter but my student pass was rejected   after i grauated the company will apply me a s pass with completed of studies. so i think you can understand  my question?? now the appeal also was rejected  so they trying to reappeal again i won't  help??  is there any possibility  for me to get student pass again

I can only repeat what Surya said above: A company cannot apply for a student pass for you. If they did, it was of course (and correctly so) rejected. In that case, you can try to apply for a student pass yourself, with the supporting documents you got from the school or university.
But if that is also rejected, you better look for another country to work or study in.
(This might have to do with your previously absconding your studies, which depending on the circumstances might have given you an "adverse record" - but I am only speculating here, since you gave no details.)

As mentioned earlier, your employer can't apply student visa for you. So, no point dragging your employer into this. Only a student can apply student visa for a regular graduation course and can be applied online. Visit ICA website below and educate yourself. … pageid=256

if i applied a college and the student pass is rejected and appeal also been rejected what will i do???? is there any chance for me to come singapore again  to study??

lakshan123 wrote:

if i applied a college and the student pass is rejected and appeal also been rejected what will i do???? is there any chance for me to come singapore again  to study??

This depends on the reason for rejection (which you might or might not be told):
- If the reason is the school, you can apply at another school.
- If the reason is your background (e.g. education), you could improve on it and apply again.
- If the reason is an "adverse record", you must remove that first (by contacting the authority that placed it - ICA, MoM, police or courts - and try to solve the issue with them) or ask when the ban will be lifted.
As I said, I think in your case the most likely issue is your previously discontinuing your studies. This definitely counts against you now. Did you at least properly terminate everything and inform the school and ICA before leaving?

no i couldn't  inform school i just came back by cancelling the student pass true ica... i won't  to study again ..not the same qulification and the interview  i have been passed.. so no issue for school ica only the problem won't  give ipa letter they say unable to aprove?? is there any way of getting student pass again for me by appealing

So, as I suspected, you did not leave your previous student course properly and in the correct way. That might have caused your current problems (or so I assume). In this case, you should contact ICA to clear this up. But if they decide that your mistake is big enough to ban you, there is nothing more you can do.

thanks beppi i will try to reappeal it so i can tell the ica to investigate futher more.. clear the outcome thanks for your coperation

Don't appeal again and again as per your earlier statement MoM had already rejected twice your S pass and ICA twice your student visa (including your appeal). And, neither of them had mentioned in their comments stating that your pass or visa was rejected due to any pending adverse case. So no use of appeal again and again.

I would reiterate Beppi's statement that look out alternate institutes in Singapore (if you want to study in Singapore only, or else find any other country) which is recognised by ICA (can see in ICA website) and apply the graduation course there and based on their selection process if you are short listed then they will email you the shortlisted confirmation for their available graduate course. Then apply student visa along with the shortlisted email confirmation from the university or institution to ICA which will have a positive weight to your application for student visa.

Good luck.

thank you very much.... ica said that i can't  re appeal again the same application because it 's 2 times rejected so my school will resubmit  my documents to next closer intake ica said they will outcome with new offer in next intake

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