Need help selling my property

I have 2 properties near Rio. I have a buyer for one but am stuck with one paper because of this property near the beach. I have tried to get help for two years with this. Is there a bilingual lawyer or association I can reach out to?

call to Dr. Txxx Mxxx, Attorney-at-Law
WhatsApp isxxxx
  He lives in Rio de Janeiro.  You can use my name.  I believe he is an HONEST attorney.  He speaks English.

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Thank you so much!

Call him and maybe you can do a SKype video with him to save a trip.  Boa sorte

Hi Macae,

thank you for the recommendation, however, the number and full name had to be removed since we don't know whether that professional wishes his contact details to be published on an open forum.

You can still exchange the contact details through the private messaging system or recommend that professional in the business directory.

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My apologies.  Thank you for your prompt and professional response.

If summahtime9 wants any additional info, she will need to send me a private message.

FYI.  I just did a FREE Skype video call with Paul in Indonesia.  We discussed about our dear friend James Woodward.   My preference is a FREE Skype video call.  I got to meet his daughter and we discussed about what it means to be a father to a girl.

Can I post my Skype name on this forum???????

Have a great day and again thank you!!!!!

FYI.   Maybe you did NOT see this post or the reply from my dear friend James Woodward


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Rio de Janeiro
I bought a property in Rio (all legal, and declared)  in 2005 and am now moving back to the UK for good. I am considering various options, but need to know the tax implications of each and how much money I can legally repatriate to the UK.  At the moment I'm considering selling up completely  and leaving what I can't take back in a high paying interest account; renting out to temporadas or relocators, or a mixture including selling, buying a smaller  apartment and taking some money back. Can anyone recommend a competent tax lawyer  who can advise? Many thanks, Alison
PS I have permanent Brazil residency and an RNE which states validade as "indeterminada" i.e for ever!
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29 February 2016 12:08:36
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Hi Riodejaneiro23,

If you sell your property, you will have to declare the capital gains on your DIRPF (Declaração de Impostos de Renda Pessoa Física). That will be compared to the value of the purchase you declared to the Receita Federal.

When leaving Brazil you must declare ANY amount of currency equal to or over R$10 thousand regardless of the national currency that may be. So that would mean US$2506, 85 / 2304 Euros / £1811. Over that you will be required to declare the currency, its source and justify its destination.

Regardless of the amount, it is highly dangerous to carry large sums of currency when you travel. Don't forget that Customs agents are going to count it out very publicly for all to see. That would put you at risk of being robbed.

Also a new Supreme Court regarding bank information means that your Brazilian bank must report any transactions of R$2000 or more in any month, directly to the Receita Federal. You could be required to explain that transaction at any time.

Personally, my advice (if you can afford to do so) is to keep the property, rent it out with the tenant depositing directly to your Brazilian bank account. You can use your debit card to make daily ATM withdrawals to your daily limit Mon. - Friday and once on the weekend. That would likely not exceed the R$2000 reporting limit so would keep you off the Receita Federal's radar too.

Of course you could always ask a Brazilian politician for tips, they seem to be able to move millions of dollars to offshore accounts without the slightest problem.   

James Experts Team

Thanks guys...I will be in contact. Moving money won't be a problem for me...just need to push papers. Seems people need to run all over the place to get it done. The paper I'm stuck on has to do with the government being able to take the land in case of war because of it's location near the beach.

Hi there, have you sold your properties yet? I am a fully qualified Brazilian lawyer and specialize in real state. Let me know!

Hi Folks,
-Researching the protocol/rules and regs regarding an American citizen who wishes to liquidate land holdings in Brazil. 
This person, living in the USA, is the beneficiary and executor of the estate of an American citizen with land holdings in Brazil. The beneficiary wishes to sell the property, has no experience, and wants to do things right.
Any suggestions?

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