moving to paraty,rio brasil

my name is Chris and i have been going back and forwards to Brasil for 24 years,i am married to a Brasilian from Santa catarina,Blumenau,we have had 3 chalets built in the mountains over looking paraty,we are hoping to live there full time this year and run a the chalets as a pousada with waterfulls and trecking for the tourists that like nature and simplicity.
I have a career in Sales and coaching tennis and Table Tennis in Cambridgeshire where we live until we move later in the year,i am hoping to get work to support my wife who will run the pousada until we are sufficient,it would be nice to meet other people from England or Europe who have settled in Rio or Sao Paulo.
If anyone knows where i may be able to contact as far as employment in Sales or Tourism i would be grateful.

Hey Chris , we are thinking of moving to Paraty when we return to Brazil in march....
Been a dream for a while, my wife and I currently have an online business doing skype English classes
Our biggest concern is quality of Internet connection in the area, do you have any info on that?

Regarding Internet in paraty? If you are moving to the town itself it's pretty good despite the usual power cuts which is normal.
We live in pedra Brancaster in the mountains above paraty and it's very difficult to get any connection unless we invest in an antenna.
I would go to one of the Internet cafés such as dog fighter and ask them what's best,we use them often and they have been very helpful over the 3 years we have been in paraty.
Drop me an email we are living in Suffolk until we leave for brasil  later this summer
Always nice to meet new baits.
T chauffeur Chris.

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Sorry about the predicted text mistakes
Just checked my reply to you.
Pedra Branca is where our pousada is and called pousada crystal Branca.

Yes in the town itself.
Power cuts, really? how often does that happen and why.....from storms?
I remember using an internet cafe in town back in 2013 and it was super slow even to send an email....

Hi again
The internet has improved and i have had to work from the internet cafe and can say most of the time its satisfactory,power cuts seem to happen often,especially during the rainy season,remember most electrical feed is overground not like the uk or europe which is cable.
But things are improving all the time and i have noticed change happening,a new supermarket,new bus station and in general Paraty is a good place to live.
As my wife is Brazilian we have travelled a lot in the country and the Costa Verde Coast line from Rio is for me one of the most beautiful,the climate is not too hot because of the mata atlantica rain forest.
Brazil is and can be frustrating for things to happen,it takes time, as as long as you are patient and except the way thing are you will love it there.
Regards Chris.

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