Is there a Visa for Freelancer Expats?

Hello, my girlfriend is Czech and lives in Vienna, I am from Mexico and I'm considering moving in with her.

I work as a self-employed translator, I translate English <> Spanish online. All of my work gets done in my computer. I have already lived with a freelance visa in Czech Republic. I don't have that Visa anymore and was wondering if there's such a thing as a freelance visa in Austria, how to get it or immigration offices that can process it for me?

I just want to find ways to live legally with my girlfriend

Hey there avillax,

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This link HERE gives all your requirements regarding immigration to Austria.

Or Vienna Expat Center HERE

Good Luck :top:

SimCityAT Expert Team

Hi there avillax

I have had a chat with my good friend at the Vienna Expat Center and he asked me to give you his Email address xxx

He is awaiting your Email :)

Good luck

SimCityAT Expert Team

Thank you, I will contact him right away!

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