Job seeker visa - Request for help


I am Raj from Hyderabad, India. I am willing to work in Vienna, Austria through job seeker visa.

One of the requirement is to furnish the details about accommodation. I want to share the room and please let me know is anyone can accommodate me for 3-6 months.

Any suggestions on getting the visa and other information would be great.

Qualification: Engineering from JNTU, Hyd
Experience: More than 10 plus years of exp.
Around 5 years on software development and 5 years as Business Analyst.

Thanking you in advance for your help.


Hello Raj and welcome to!

Concerning the accommodation, I invite you to post an advert in Vienna classifieds, this may help.;)

For your request of visa, why don't you browse through the different threads of the forum?

I wish you all the best,

Hello Harmonie,

Many thanks for your response as well as for your wishes.
I will do as per what you suggested.

Wish you a nice day.

hi raj,
I am also intersted in applying for the job seekers visa, right now i have the IELTS score. but i want to know the bank statement what must be the amount we have to show before we applying for this visa. In case if i get a visa definitely i am going to share the accomodation with you.

reply me please.

my mail id: tcnaveen[at]

Dear Raj,

As i have friend and he will help you so please get in touch

bunty.vijay :

Dear Raj,

As i have friend and he will help you so please get in touch

Thanks Vijay.
I given you the mail.

Hi raj

this is kumar from Hyderabad. can you please tell me how you process for job seeker visa. am also interested to work in Austria.
can you give your email id.

Hi Raj,

I just landed in austria do u know any friend here who can help me to find out job here in austria.

Hi Raj

Good to see that someone has made it to Austria thru Job Seeker Visa. Can you please share some details on this as I am keen on exploring this option..It will be very very helpful.

Kumar and Naveen. Pls share some details if you come across any.

I stay in Hyd. Pls get in touch if you wish to.



Hi Raj and Naveen,

I am Hari, i stay in Bangalore Me too planning for Applying a Job Seeker Visa.

Raj, I have done some analysis on Accommodation, what i found is we can go for Hostel accommodation or Rental basis which is quit affordable. Also me too wish to share accommodation, provided i get Visa.

Naveen,, Good that you have IELTS Score which will push process faster. Still i need friends to share about the Job seeker visa process.

Please share you Contact details ; My Mob : 91 98868 96042


yeah u can get good apartments here between 500 to 700 euro,and if u want to share with someone then it will be around 250 to 350,


Hi Rick,

  can you let me know some consultants out there in vienna for searching job.How easy it is to find a suitable job out there,pls share your views.

Pls share your mail id also if possible..


its really dificult if u don´t know german,have to learn german first then u will get some kind of job here.

it is true if you don`t know how to speak german it is hard to get a job in Austria ..Maria

Dear Raj

Me also in the same process, but i m here in Dubai and ready to apply for Austria job seeker visa

I feel if we will share our experiences with each others may b will helpful for each others.

My email is drshoaibphd[at]

Kind Regards

Dr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqi
Cell: +97 150 3986019

Hello Dr. Shoaib -> To note that this thread is a year old. ;)

Thank you,

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I am from Romania i work 6 month in Osteriech i need a permanent jobs like mekatroniker .I have 4 invention patented other 10 ready.
I speak english good,french medium,deutsch low level.
I spent few year to find a job with legal document is very hard i sent moore then 500 email with alll kinds model ov cv or cover leters.I stay 6 month in Wien ,Tuln ,Obewart, Neunkirkhen .I try on AMS personal to solve mi problems
All companies need to speak perfect deutsch have a huge experience a lot of diploma and porhapse blu eye.

Hello girrohd.

Welcome to :)

Are you already working in Austria or are you still seeking for a job there?


Karen :)

I search a jobs this mont i have chance i traspasing a deutsch conversation test.Is posible to work in social asistence is not my jobs but is ok .In this moment i am not in Ostereich.

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Hello Naveen,
      My brother is also planning to apply for job seeker visa for Austria. Could you please help with the details.

Lavanya P.

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