Vodafone top up...how does it work?


I've got a credit here (12 digit PIN code) for my Vodafone but as I cannot speak Albanian, I do not understand the menu options being offered when I dial 141.  www.vodafone.al is useless with no information on how to top up. Also no answer at 140 (Customer Support).

Any one out there have an idea on how to either switch the menus to English or what to put in to add the credit (e.g. by using SMS or something)?

Thanks in advance.

i think you should rewrite a firmware on it...

I found someone to ask.

Vodabonehead do not say the menu options in English when you first call 141, "like press 3 for menu in English". So, anyway it's menu option 3, then 2 apparently. Once selected, it stays that way.

Shame they cannot put basic information like this on their web site instead of a load of irrelevant BS in the FAQs.

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