Prices of Cars in Albania

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is there a site or something I can check how i can buy or sell a car in Albania?

I mean how much is a used car, etc. Also I am thinking of selling my car here in Greece, they buy my kia spportage 2007 model for 5000 euro. If i decide to bring it (unregister) from Greece and take it to Albania that I will work for some time, how much I will take if I leave Albania and sell it to a car company??? It will be the same? less or more??  I would like to know how much I can risk to loose.

Thank you all so much for your help!!!

Hi macgyver75,

I suggest you to read the Albania forum, Cars and Transportation section. You may find some answers to your questions.

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Hi ,I have just spent 3 weeks in Albaniathis trip and have a home in Himara in the south ,be careful in Albania selling your car but especially buying .the prices are lower in Albania than Greece.
I am looking at buying a car and the description of yours sounds good.
I am presently in Grete and leaving for Australia tomorrow .
I would be happy to talk to you either email or Skype and tell you all that I have learnt about buying and selling cars in Albania.
I will be travelling back next year to start renovations on my house ,hope to be there in April /June.
The roads are terrible in Himara so a 4x4 would suite.
I will be honest with you and 5000 euros is a little more than what I want to spend as I travel to Albania while I am still working every two years. But when I retire we will be spending 4 months a year in Europe,.the car will be garaged while I am not there.
Maybe we can talk and help each other.

Hello I am currently in Albania and am looking to purchase a car. I would prefer a smart car. Please contact me via the reply option on this thread.

[at] MelodyJain > If you are looking for second hand cars, it would be best if you can post in the Cars for sale in Albania section please.


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