Building a house in Sidi Kaouki

Hi there,

We are interested in buying land in Sidi Kaouki with a view to having our own house built. We were there recently and started speaking about the idea with some people we met.

I was wondering where I should go, or who I should speak to about what land might be available and how much we should expect to spend.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I am interested in this area as well. Following...

Falling in love with essaouira 9 years ago,I bought a house in Ghazoua.

Its a learning curve by research,meetings and developing trusting relationships,you need to spend some time there.

There are several immobiliers in Azlef who I can recommend,with a wealth of land for sale,and builders,
you need an english speaking notaire,architect,and project manager.Bank account in Essaouira.

A house manager to look after the house and your affairs.

It will be a roller coaster ride,good fun,and the end result rewarding with wonderful quality of life.
Good luck,

Hi Martyn,

Many thanks for your response and for the very valuable information.

When we made this decision I was on fire and ready to sell everything and just move. My wife has since calmed everything down. I think we will do as you suggest and move out there and rent for a while. This won't be for a year or so (we have older children here who still need us to some extent).

I would definitely be interested in your contacts - much appreciated.

All the best

Is it true that you have to have Residency to purchase land, or is this just agricultural land?

Maybe I can help here.  I have lived in Morocco for 15 years almost exclusively in the Essaouira province. Iam English and a company director of a Moroccan travel company. My co-director is Moroccan and between us we have patents for several Moroccan companies that includes Car Hire,
Service de Tourisme and local authority building and personnel transport.To get to your particular question we own land in Sidi Kaouki which we are sitting on at the moment but if you are interested in having someone advise you my partner is an expert in what is know as "office Morocco". Who to see, what you need, how to obtain all the necessary paperwork etc etc etc. I can put you in touch with him if you are interested he speaks English/French and of course Arabe.

Hi everyone, my wife and I just purchased a plot of land on the outskirts of Marrakech near Tahannout. Can anyone provide me with advice on reputable building contractors, expected cost of building a home, etc..

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