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I am a retired Registered Nurse from the USA. I am looking at Essaouira,Morocco and one other country for settling down in. I live in Southern California; the city is called Aliso Viejo, CA. I will have my own home business so the only thing that I may want to do is have a vacation home in 1 year in Essaouira. I am interested in finding out about pricing in the area but not ready to buy right now. I want to know if I have to establish residency before buying property?

I have same question myself...move in Tangier, Morocco  build a business I need to be Moroccan residense  to purchase  land?IWhere do I inquire to get more  valids informations?I am .U.S. citizen...any informations  regarding Morocco will be highly appreciate in general...thanks

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I it is better for you to start you job in Rabat ,I can help you

mohamed2 :

I it is better for you to start you job in Rabat ,I can help you

Ignore. This guy is a chancer who has had several posts deleted because they were inappropriate.

In addition, she's not looking for a job, but a holiday home. If this is your level of comprehension of written English, I pity your alleged pupils!

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