looking for an english speaking piano teacher

hello, we are Chinese family who work in budapest, we've been here for two years. I am looking for an english speaking piano teacher for my 4 yerars old daughter .my daughter speaks Chinese and english.any rec? thanks.

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Hello ! I'm student of Liszt academy and I'm pianist . I have great experience in teaching, about 7 years  . If you didn't find yet the teacher , please let me know . Thank you in advance .

arielkuo22 :

Hello, I'm Yun-Cheng Kuo, a Taiwanese living in Hungary. I can speak Chinese and English fluently. I am a high-school student, in grade 9 (year 10), which is my freshman year. This is my fifth year living here. I can play the piano quite well; I've learnt it for 4 years. If you're interested, please contact me by gmail: ***
Thank you!

You shouldn't post your e-mail address here as you will get spammed.

Best to use the private messaging (PM) system and make sure you get the person vetted by a responsible person/adult before having direct contact with them.

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