How to find a place to rent in Chittagong


My name is Troy Richardson and I will be moving to Chittagong in June in order to finish my law degree from the United States.  Therefore, my question is this, how do you find an apartment 3 bedroom furnished before I leave the United States.  If anybody has suggestions or can put me in touch with someone that would be great. 

Thank you for any help,

Troy Richardson

hi william
i can help  u  to find  apartment  in ctg
coz  i also live  in ctg
3 bed room  flat at khulshi
cost 400-500$

Hello friend,

If you can I need to find a one bedroom, furnished apartment (if possible).  It also needs to be around Southern University.  I will be flying to Chittagong at the end of August.  If possible please find me a landlord, that I can meet, when I arrive.  This is the only area that I haven't covered is where to live and this is a crucial one.

Any help would be appreciated.

Troy Richardson

hey will
i have a childhood friend who is a real estate agent in chittagong. i f u are interested i can give u his contact details. he can show and guide you through choices. he himself is married to a south korean so he would understand a foreigner's issues. u might have to give him a lot of details about yourself though. if u are interested, leave me a msg here SAMI_AL_ISLAM[at] ciao

Dear Troy Richardson, I have seen a queries from you on

well... have you received any reply to your queries ? if not please let me know.

my email: alamgirnoor[at]

Hi Martin,
I am looking for a furnished appartment in khulsi chittagong.It will be very nice if you can help me.

Hello nnorchy and welcome to!

The Housing in Bangladesh section might help. You should post an advert there. :)

Thank you,

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