Looking for office space

Dear all,

We are opening up a sales office in Dhaka and are therefore searching for office space.

We are looking for a central location in Dhaka with high-speed internet. Room should be able to accomodate about 5 people (~40-50m2).

I am also interested to know
- What is the average sqm price in Dhaka? Does this vary a lot per area?
- What are normal payment terms, e.g. how many months deposit and advance payment?

All the help is welcome!


Hi its aint that difficult. What products you are selling?

Hi Erwin,

I suggest you to post an advert in the Housing in Bangladesh, Professional spaces/Offices section, this might help.

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Yes! The rent varies according to area greatly!

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Thank you


Hi , I have an office space for rent at Dhaka CBD. Please contact me at shahriar.reza03[at]gmail.com for more details.

Hello srez

Since this thread is dated back in 2013, you may not receive any response.

Also kindly note that no publicity is allowed on the forum.

So as to reach out to people interested in renting office, I invite you to drop an advert, free of charge, in our Offices for rent or sale in Bangladesh section of the site.

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