Looking for a place in Dhanmondi

Greetings friends,

I have my student visa, air plane ticket, but I need help finding a flat in or around Daffodil International University.  I will be leaving the United States at the end of August in order to attend Law School at the University mentioned above.  Therefore, if any can put me in touch with someone, I might be willing to pay a finders fee.  I need a one or two bedroom flat (furnished), also I would need pictures of the property (at least 10). 

Please help me out- I am getting closer to my departure date and need to find something within the next month or so..


Troy Richardson

Hello Troy,

Please mention the budget and till when you want to live there,
As my uncle have some furnished apartments I can talk to him.

If you are ok for a shared apartment, also let me know.
You can call me in - 01914073963.


Hello richardson25!

You should post an advert in the Bangladesh classifieds > Accommodation section/flat for rent.

I hope it helps.

All the best,

Where exactly is Dhanmondi? Is it in Dhaka?

Hi Troy start here:

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