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Thought it would be interesting to start a discussion around sourcing materials for renovation and allow people to share thier experieces and clever ways of saving money. I know there are the big DIY stores in towns but what about out in the sticks? I am looking to buy a property in Sliven Region near Nova Zagora and am going to need alot of materials for plumbing and electrics, panes of glass to replace windows and probably a lorry load of cement and gravel but no idea yet how to source these.

greenergrass I am not that familiar with this region to know where the hardware stores are. But in every city there is a hardware store. You just have to locate it. If you are going to relocate in a village, then drive to the city closest to you go buy what you need. Just like in every country in the world, you do not big hardware stores in the villages that supply the quantity for a major remodeling.

I hope someone more familiar with that region will pitch in here and share to help you out.

Thanks Worldexpat, i was thinking more of people sharing there own renovation experiences and perhaps the clevers ways of reusing or recycling things. But also finding the things you perhaps wouldnt find in diy stores like glass?

For glass, there are glass stores, if they do not have the size you need, you order it and they will deliver it. Of course, do not expect the huge variety you would find in a big city glass store. I do hope someone from that region shows up here and gives you exact name & number of street. Nova Zagora should have at least couple of glass shops. When you go to the diy shop or pain shop just ask there and they will point you in the right direction.

Has anybody had an experience of using electicians in Bulgaria? Just wondering what the round about cost of re-wiring an average size 3 bedroom house would be?

Green grass:

They mostly charge per point. Mine are charging me 5lev a point(ie plug or lightswitch). Same as the plumbers also per tap or point.

Hi guys.
Anybody know of a water based wood preservative i can purchase. I know you can use the used oil or the standard preservative which is flammable. I would like something water based for safety sake.

You should go to a carpenter store and ask them what they have. Are you looking for windows/doors or something else you need to cover? There are some that are colorless and those that give a tint depending on what shade and color you want. Brico should help, but any carpentry store will be helpful as well, check in the paint store too, some hardware stores, where you can buy brushes, insulation material and such will carry those as well.

Hi all

Does anyone know of any DIY stores and timber yards near Montana?

Also what are the standard costs of purchasing plug sockets, light switches, internal doors?

Thanks in advance


Montana is a timber producing region, so there should be plenty of options ... either ready made or custom made timber ... check google for this "дървен материал Монтана".

Plug sockets prices vary depending on type, make, brand, quality etc.,  approximately between 3 and 30 BGN, light switches too, internal doors 100 - 1000 BGN.

Many thanks for information.

Hi folks, I am coming out on 1st march to start work on the house I brought just outside v.t. wanting to get all materials timber, plumbing, and try to sort out new cess pits, so going to need a mini digger does anyone know of a hire company and the rough cost of hire? Nabbs

I have some land in Belila in the srededs region, I am looking for a local company to give me quotes for sess pit and and laying foundations for a 3 badroom property. Any ideas. Thanks.

Hi Jessica if you find the Ali store in Montana there are a number of DIY stores on the same road heading out of town..

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