New in Egypt (6 October) and looking for female friends

Hi all,
I am new to Egypt , just moved in novermber last year to live with my husband. I am looking for female friends around 6 October. I live in Dream land and it seems quite hard to meet new people not like any other place I have been to. Any advise ?

Dear nour I am facing the same problem so if you would like to meet for a coffee in mall of Arabia whenever you want you will be more than welcome

Hey, thank you. Would be my pleasure. But as I can see from your profile , you are Egyptian. What makes it hard for you to find friends? Tell me more about you

I was living abroad and , when I came back i got a friend but after a while she married and traveled to Saudi Arabia

Please let me know ur nationality and if u are working or no.
There is oportunities for native American or English speaker jobs.
Me and my wife are glad to get to know you
U live very far from opportunities
Thanks fady

Hey Fadi, thanks for your comment. I am not a native English speaker, I am Jordanian but fluent in English. What kind of work do you and your wife do ?

Hi their.
My wife is an English teacher,she is American and I'm an international lawyer,for an east European embassy and I have some expats here where I deal with their Viza,work permits,recruitment, marriage.divorce,contracts and so on,
How are you doing?
Are u here with family,alone,single, studying, I like Jordanians, may be I can help with something.

HI Fadi,
Thanks again. I am married and moved to settle here with my Egyptian husband. I used to work with inhernational agencies in the past before moving to Cairo.

Greetings for all family,welcome anytime,we can gather and chat one day,

Hi nour and averyone I'm nidal from sudan , I just come to eg befor one and half month and i dont have afrind , and i like to make frindshio, i live in alrehab

hey Fady am kenya been in Egypt for 3yrs working as a nanny with Egyptian families how can I get to work for an foreign family

If you speak English fluent,u can work at a call center,easier,
Or for a nursery,
Try www.Craigslist. Com

thankyou for your reply and yes my English is excellent

hi , can we be friends ?

Hello Nora,

Hope you have a great day.

I recommend if you attend public events at your embassy in Egypt, or the highly style public events, and parties.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Hamza

Good afternoon I am very stuck I have my bf in Egypt we have been together 3 years now and I would like him to come Egypt as I can't move until my children finish school in UK they are not his children,could u tell me a little more info on what we need to do ? For him to come where to start many thanks

Can you please tell us what is his nationality, because I really get confused?


What I understand that you need to enable your BR to go to UK from Egypt, and if I understand right, you should to issue a visit letter from any british company with his name, or conference invitation related to his prefession, especially if he is a lawyer, if it doesn't work then you should present marriage agreement to Uk embassy in Cairo, last option is to hire him as board member or manager at any british company.

. Good afternoon um I'm a bit confused will basically will been together now for 3 years coming up for um we've got our engagement party happening in Cairo in November this year and we will be getting married in England at some point I just want him to come and see if he likes it in England first before he moves so I claim benefits because I have a child and I don't earn €20,000 I think that's what the problem is because I can't sponsor him so I'm a bit stuck with what to do he works on the cruise ship he's not a lawyer who works on the cruise ship on the Nile so we may be a holiday visa and also do you know how much that would cost all in all thank you so much for your help take care now

Hi, i saw ur comment and i would love us to be friends