What are some of the tips and tricks to pass driving test in bahrain?

Can someone please tell me some of the tips to pass driving test in bahrain?
my driving test is soon and i dont want to fail!
Also regarding certain places where the police stays quiet  what should i do?


First thing when u get into the car : seat belt, mirror and seat adjustment, pay attention to the inspector and look out for traffic sign posts and road markers. 

Be confident and smile :)

one of our forum members had explained the entire process in the below mentioned link.

good luck


Thank You!


I passed on my second attempt, there are two tips I have to offer:

1. Please demand them for a test time in the evening after 4.30-5 pm, since the traffic school is virtually empty and you will be able to cruise through the indoor module. I have talked to a lot of guys (including yours truly), they have attributed this as the single biggest factor for passing.

2. When you go out of the traffic school for your test, you will have to merge on the road leading to Ramli mall. The trick is to wait if the traffic is too much. Don't be in a hurry to merge. Calmly wait for the light to go red (behind you ), this way you can merge after all the cars pass you :)...I tried this trick and the inspector gave me a smile.

Don't get perturbed by the attitude of the inspector,sometimes he will try and rush you or pressure you with his comments..just keep calm.

Hope this helps...

1- Round about understanding read page no 31 for perfect guidance and memorizing signals.

2- Outside always follow the sign board where there is stop you must stop count till 3 : 123 then drive.

3- Inside school it's easy you don't have to worry but always remember  when instructor says :

Right: Take a right turn
Double right: RIght U-turn
Left: Left turn
Double left: Left U-turn

1. If you're driving and instructor doesn't speak keep moving straight.
In case If there's no straight take right.

2. For Hill bridge when you will take a turn if instructor doesn't speak take a middle lane on the bridge otherwise she will tell you left or right.

3. First you will give test inside, if you clear inside she will take you outside if clear then she will take you to the parking.

4. Parking when reversing from right side always watch in your right mirror take a turn stop rotate your staring 1 2 make it straight and then reverse again stop.
Practice reverse parking every day 3 times so that you make zero error.
In parking you have 3 chances don't panic inshAllah you will do it simple trick is if you make mistake first time don't worry try again and make sure you don't repeat that mistake.

5. When you sit in car set your seat first then start the car so that you can set your automatic side mirrors and back mirror. Then wear your seat belt give signal and Ya Allah Go.
I started from the parking lot where test vehicles were parked so I reversed and then came on the lane to drive be ready for it.

6. When you stop after test park your vehicle, gear into parking, hand break, switch off ignition, open your seat belt say thank you and go.

If you fail: In office number 1 with in no time you will get your paper to take 6 or 8 more hours
If you pass : you will be sent to counter no 8 with your book and paper.

Total charges:
1. 35 BHD you get your learning liscence (guiding book+ learners card) theory class date.

2. You will hire instructor 5bd/hour 22= 110 BHD

3. 10 BHD you pay to get the test date after completing driving hours.

3. If you clear you have to pay 20 BHD for the printing of your driving liscence on counter no 8.

35+110+10+20= 175 BHD Total.

Thank you for taking time and sharing this information, i am sure it will help many new test takers.

Do you have to take the test if you hold a UK licence?


No need you can get a Bahriani driving license if you have a UK driving license. You have to visit the Traffic directorate with the needed documents

https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=95232 (reference)


Thanks friend

Just wanted to check friends...if u fail in reverse parking..tgey demand 4hrs class...after that when u go for test again...they will again take u inside outside then reverse or they will only chwvk for reverse parking this time...
Thank you!

Depends on the Inspector who is taking your test, i have heard at times they have tested only reverse others have informed they have done the full things all over again, so you never know be prepared.


Thank you! Again a whole thing 😣😣 anyway thanks! Lets see

@Alifmaddausmanie: Thanks for the information. It's really helpful.I'm having test this week. Hope i will pass :(

Hi friends.im Here reading tips how to gets driving test because i failed two times already..  What time is the best for taking exam? Yani time police is good  and s not grumpy  and suggestion friend thank you

Totally depends on your luck, but be confident and drive. Listen carefully and follow all the rules.

good luck.

Hi, I know it has been year since this was posted but this post helped me a lot during my driving test in 2021.
I would like to add my experience:
1. My test was at 3:30 pm, so I had my final driving lesson before that.
2. My test inspector was very  frustrated from the start when we entered. I politely asked him to put his seat belt. But he gave a reply with some attitude and told to reverse from the parking slot.
3. He then took me out but the lady who was giving the in the other vehicle just was getting everything wrong. At one point, she even turn into my lane without checking the mirror. But since I was aware that she was confused so I braked at the right time.
4. This added to the inspector's frustration, since he wanted to complete the test fast.
5. He took me on the fence road towards the roundabout, and told to exit left. 
5. Then we completed the scenario 2 - Left from the A'Ali signal and then right turn from the road towards Salmabad. Driving behind Scared Heart School to Indian School signal.
6. Finished the reverse and then parked the car, into the parking spot.
Finally I cleared the exam on my first attempt.

Some tips to follow.
1. Please choose a good instructor, I was told by instructor that he will teach me  all the required scenarios and was giving real time feedback which helps a lot. He was teaching me driving like I was a kid which is good for any beginner. He was conducted few mock exams before the actual test and that helped me ace.
2. Please practice outside scenarios, since some of the other drivers where making mistakes that could be avoidable.
3. During the test, you will get some new cars, so please be careful when you steer and brake. Since the brakes on this cars are sensitive compared to the old driving school cars.
4. Pray that you get a good and patient inspector who is conducting your exam since the result is based on this person.

Cost ( As of 31-05-2021 )
Eye test : BD. 5.000
Learner lic. : BD. 22.000
Classes : (7 * 22 ) or (14*11) = BD. 154.000
Test fee : BD. 16.000
License: BD. 20.000
Total : BD. 217.000

I failed 3 times😬 now my husbnd saying its my last chance now.. i don't why i do very small mistakes when lady police sits besides me..otherwise i was ok with my Instructer.. plz pray for me everyone..its my last chance. Plz suggest me something
Remember the rules and follow them, it needs to be by the book no changes. Ask your instructor to give a class just before the test.

Good luck and god bless.

I just want to know if it is OK to do the driving test with your driving Instructor?

Replied to you in private, driving test is taken with a traffic police inspector not instructor