Bahrain Car going to Saudi Arabia

Hi there guys!

I want some help, been confused and needs some ideas from your end.
Planning to move out from Bahrain soon and be working in Khobar.
But I might have both visa in both country.
I have a car in Bahrain under the bank. What if i will have the visa soon in saudi and im planning to move using the Bahrain Car to saudi arabia.

What would be the process or the things to do before crossing the causeway using a bahrain car under a bank loan?


The bank must give you an NOC / permission to drive the car across the causeway.  Without it, you will not be allowed to take the car there.

Secondly, while you can buy insurance on the causeway for Saudi, that is only for third party damages i.e. if you don't have GCC cover and have an accident in Saudi, that insurance will pay the other guy but you will have to fix your damage out of your own pocket.  So make sure to change your cover to GCC.

Lastly, once you get an Iqama, you should have a Saudi driving license and not drive on the Bahrain license.   It is fine to drive on Bahrain license if it is a Bahrain number plate car and you have a Bahrain RP.

Make sure you are clear whether you will have a Bahrain RP or not.  Because if your RP is cancelled, you will have to settle the bank loan on the car as you will not be a resident of Bahrain and cannot have a bank account.   This takes time before the banks realize that it has been cancelled as there is no automatic link to the system - but you never know.

Thanks Xtang much appreciated.

I do have a comprehensive cover on my car but im not sure if this is a GCC insurance..

Do you know what are these GCC insurance cover?
My RP in bahrain will not be cancelled we just renew it for another two years yesterday.

GCC cover will take care of damage to your car in the same way in Saudi, as it would, if you were in Bahrain.  Simply, your underlying insurance policy benefits would be applicable in Saudi as well.

Comprehensive doesn't have GCC built into for most policies issued in Bahrain unless you have specifically asked for it.  You have to get GCC cover separately.

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