KSA Driving License convert to Bahrain License Updated 05/12/2018

Dear All,

Today I converted my KSA driving license to a Bahraini one with the following simple and easy steps:

My case:
I travelled from KSA on final exit and currently in Bahrain on employment visa.
My driving license from KSA is still valid for about 2 years from now.
I got my Bahrain License issued now, in the 1st week of December 2018.

The documents required are as follows:
- CPR copy (Front & back)
- KSA DL copy (front & back)
- Passport copy (First Page, Last Page and Visa Page)
- Passport size Photo Qty.1

- Go to Driving Learning School located in Al-A'ali
- Go to the Reception and inform the guy there that you want to exchange your KSA license to a Bahraini one
- The guy asks for a photograph which he pastes on a form. He will look at the original KSA license and will give us the form, which should be filled with our details, namely CPR no., Address, Passport No. and License number of the KSA license and issue & expiry date. He will also issue a token number which you need to keep until the last step. (You will be using the same token during each step)
- After filling the form, head straight to the eye testing rooms (Room # 21 & 22) and wait for your token number to show up. Get the eye test done, sign and stamp from the doctor on the form and collect your token back.
- After the eye test, wait in the hall for your token number to come up to see the Licensing
  Department Staff at the counter (Counter # 1-20).
- At the counter, the employee will have a look at the form and the attached documents. Here he asked to see my CPR and KSA driving license. He did not ask for the passport nor took a copy of it. But still you may keep the passport in hand (in case they ask for it)
- If all is ok, he prints a receipt and asks you to deposit 26.5 BD at the machines located on the opposite side of these counters just beside the reception or you might pay by swiping your card.
- After payment, head back to the same employee and give him the receipt.
- He will issue you the Bahraini Driving License and driving rule book.
- The validity of the license is 5 years from the date of issue.
- If you wish to retain your KSA DL with you, then you should provide a proof that you are still a resident of KSA and hold a valid iqama. In case, you can't then they will take away the KSA license.
- I read in some threads that employer letter or employer sign and stamp is required on the form.
I did not have both and they did not ask for it.

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Thank you for sharing the detailed information.

Good update.  Point to note is that this is EXACTLY the same process for converting from other GCC driving licenses.   

I will ask for this thread to be made into a sticky.

My pleasure sir..
Keep up the good work..

kindly note the any Driving Permit issued by the GCC countries cannot be renewed if the Residence permit of the issuing country has expired.
So just try to produce the Valid driving permit of the GCC country to the Traffic Dept as mentioned in the earlier post , to get your Bahraini Driving Permit. its always a good idea to renew your Driving permit for another 5 years before hand,  in case you have to leave Bahrain. That would give you a credit if you moving to another country.

Yes that is a good tip.  But also note that every GCC country has different rules for renewal of driving permit.  For example, Bahrain only allows you to renew 6 months in advance of the expiry.  So depending on your dates of departure and permit dates, you might be lucky or you might not be.

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