Bahrain driving test- failed reverse section only

Hi guys,

I know this was posted in an old thread a few years back but wanted any recent updates on anyone who has experienced failing on the reverse section of the test only? I am required to do an additional 4 hours. What I want to know is will the next test include inside and outside or reversing only?

Also my instructor taught me to use side mirrors only and start steering once back door handle aligns with front of white line.. this didn't generalise to the test car. Any other strategies e.g. looking over shoulder? I am thinking of trying to self-learn or change instructors if anyone has any recommendations.

You will need to give test only for reverse, not inside or outside driving school.

The strategy is the same, you need practice only. It comes with experience, you may develop your strategy. After you get your license, no one is bothered how you get it done, only thing is to get it done.

If you can arrange with some friend for practice, it will help.
Changing instructor may or may not make a difference to it.
Anyways you have to finish 4 hours of training.  And now you have to do only practice for reverse only, so you will be good at it, don't worry.

It kills you when the getting a license is delayed, when it is like a must have thing here. But have patience. You are going to get it. Chill.

Try to use side mirrors with more downward tilt. and also practice from both side- left and right. Now when you go with instructor, select the time when routine test hours are not clashing, and practice at the same place where they take tests. This will help.

If it helps, the test area contains a marking on the wall. While you take reverse, and the marking is straight parallel to you/driving seat, make a full turn of the steering.

These markings on the wall are also available on some practice areas as well.

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