Oman Valid driving license conversion to Bahrain driving license

Today i went to General Directorate of Traffic in Bahrain to convert my Valid Oman Driving License but to my surprise they are asking a letter from Oman traffic authorities. I can't get what kind of letter they are expecting and now how can i get it from Oman when i have already given up my Oman residency :(

Can anyone suggest me a way out ?

This is the first time we are hearing about this, were you able to get your license? curious to know


Any update on Oman Valid driving license conversion. please post.

No update except that Bahrain traffic authorities are asking for a letter for conversion of GCC driving licenses.  This is for all licenses e.g. Oman, Saudi, UAE etc.  Without this, they are not converting.   For the latest information, you are going to have to visit the traffic department.

Thanks for the update.

Omani Licence can swap immediately at Traffic Police pay 25BD, no other documents required. Carry a pp photo only.

Dear Pakkir1, when did you get it swapped?


31/10/2019 I have received the licence. same day . usually it shoud not take more then 2 hours .

thanks for the update.

Dint they ask for letter from Oman traffic dept?
Also where all can I go for converting does the service centre in Muharaqq do these?

As mentioned by  Pakkir1, no documents were required from Oman traffic dept. I believe you will need to visit Traffic directorate on A'ali for this.

License swapping and issuing is done at the driving school building and not in the general directorate of traffic building..

Thanks for the update thinker5919.

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