Looking for friends

Heyy, I'm looking for friends in Prague to improve my English and Czech.
I'm 17 and I'm a student.
If you're interested send me a message x

Hey! I just reacently moved to Czech. I'm 19. No longer a student. So I'm desperately looking for something to fill my time! And I am a native English speaker!

Hello, I would want to meet somebody from another country, Are you in Prague?

Hello :) I'm in Prague too and I'm from Italy. I'm new here, I'm searching friends

Hey how are you? You still want to improve your English?

Hi how is prague to relocate
from RSA and find a job ?

Jaff123 :

Hi how is prague to relocate
from RSA and find a job ?

Can you start a new thread for a better response, as this post is about making friends?

Expat.com Expert Team

Hello Im Riri from Indonesia I live in Plzen now
I'm looking for friends also :)

Hi .. R u still interested in making a new friendship ? if yes it will pleased me so much to be your new friend .. I am going to visit Prague at the end of October & i wish i could be able to meet you & to enjoy picnic together.
What do you see ?


I am new in Prague and I am looking for friends to visit the city, go hiking etc.
Looking forward to a great time!

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