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Hi, I am new to Prague. I am from Indian and currently working in Prague. Its almost 2 months and I am not able to make any single friend here. Life gets very bored without friends. I found that people here are very reserved, thats not the case from where I came from.
Can anyone suggest how can I make friends here?
Looking forward to your responses.

Its easy to make friends... FB and wechat... try this .. you ll have some friends :D  or join some gym or club .or language courses .. where you can meet new people and can make friends ;;;


Simran its not that easy to make friends here. FB requests are not accepted.  ijoined gym people hardly speak to each other.
when you r cmng to prague?

Dear I m from Islamabad n thinking about to come there in Czech republic . could u plz tell me about the jobs ratio. I mean is it easy to get job over there are not. Student jobs

it depends what kind of job you are looking for. Its not easy to get a job here

Hello and welcome to Prague :) People here are really different than from other parts of Czech Republic. I come from Moravia and people there are much more friendly :) Here lives also Indians so maybe you can meet them and they can introduce you to other friends :) I think you can also meet new friends at parties or yes, in gym but you will have to be the first one who will say hi :) Well good luck and hope you will like Prague and Czech republic after all ..

Hi, thanks for reply. I joined a gym but most people there cant speak and understand English. I went to some good clubs in new town and old town but I was feeling like the odd one out because everyone were either couple or in groups. I did tried to talk with some of them but was in vain. Its not about Indian people, i want to understand czech culture, history. Any people irrespective of anything are welcome to be friends.

Hi, guess it´s not a good gym :D Not sure if Czech people can tell you anything about history or culture :) and if you are interested in culture and history you can read it on internet :) I think the best way to make friends is at work.. it is a good start, don´t you think? :) If you are talkative I think you can meet new people - friends anywhere :)

Hi krish2love, I think that  if you can also visit the Latin community they also can speak Czech so probably the best place to go is La Bodeguita del medio or any Latin bar in the city, also the mexican community like Las Adelitas restaurant were you can meet many Latinos and Czech that meet there and are more social to the Latin Community and I am sure you will find a lot of friends there.


Hi where you live simren

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Hello how are you
Are you still in Czech republic
Can you reply me
Have a good day 

I am from Vietnam  working as esl teacher planning to come Czech republic can you plz give me any information it's my humble request .
Is it possible to get job there my mail ID is ***
Thanks lots

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