Building a house in Bulgaria

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since i posted on this forum. In the meanwhile we have visited Bulgaria a couple of times for preparation and planning.

Our first idea was buying a home and renovate it to fit our requirements. We have seen a lot of properties but at the end we decided none of the properties would fit our requirements.  Location, renovation plan, cost and so on…
We ended our search in a whole other price categorie of houses.
In the end i decided to change the idea of searching for a house and ended up with the idea to build our own house from scratch. 

A lot on this forum is about renovating, i didn’t found a topic about building. Maybe there are others with building plans so we can consolidate the information in a central topic.

To do, things we have already done:

- Search for a good location (imo important) you can find a lot of plots for a little money. Check the  location if you have long term plans (same for the house searchers). Facility’s, safety, infrastructure;

- Search for a plot (stil busy finding the right one). Important is that you buy a regulated plot, a lot of advertisements on the internet are telling you the plot is regulated, in reality its not. You don’t want to end with a piece of ground where you can grow tomatoes only;

- Materials, concreet, wood, bricks, rebar steel and so on. There are a lot of suppliers. You can also find a lot of DIY stores (Mr. Bricolage, Bauhaus, Praktiker..). These are for bulk materials more expensive then other suppliers. 
I have only some supplier list prices when i find a plot i will contact suppliers for negation;

- We had a couple of appointments with the architect to check the design and the possibilities. Also for checking al the cost for building a new house (certificates, documents, acts, constructor and so on). We also had couple of meetings with a notary for al the formal stuf. Be informed, when you build a house you must keep the Bulgarian Act in mind: Act 14, 15 and 16. Short: Act 14: construction requirements, Act 15: house is fully finished, Act 16: certificate for habitation;

- A place where we can stay when building is in progress, in our situation its easy cause we already own a apartment in the area;

- Making a budget.

My question is: Are there more expiators with building plans or expiators who have already build a home.

This could be a central topic for advice for people who have serious building plans or considering building a house in Bulgaria.

Are there things i missed in the checklist, or does someone have any advice?

We haven't really started the process yet (saving money to do so) but I will say to be wary of the prefab home builders in Bulgaria... I have read that a lot of them open up one year and close down the next, just opening a new company with a different name in order to do low quality, cheap work and basically scam people. But apparently there are a few that have been around for 10 years or so and are more trustworthy.

Also, I was told to not bother buying premade architectural plans- there will be so many changes that have to be made to fit the property that you are better off designing from scratch with an architect.

Yes , finding a good builder is another story. I have spoken with a lot local people with building experience, you should do a good research about the builder you choose. Let them show a good portfolio and a track record. Don't choose the very cheapest, you will get the very cheapest. And if you mentioned there is a lot of scam in the plot and building business, be ware(no matter where on this globe)! Good point!

Same for ready made architectural plans, they already tried to sell us complete plans with plots to keep the price up. But for me it was very simple, just saying a don't give a shit about a plan cause i will make my own. So i agree, best is if you do, to start from scratch and create wat you like and is conform the actual building requirements.

I haven't mentioned it in my previous post, i will bring my own builder, so that is not our problem ;) The architect for design, that will be me, i have done some housing design in the Netherlands. Ofcourse the design will be finalised by the local architect we already met a couple of times.

Maybe for other people the ' finding a good builder ' question is very interesting, so please share.

On the internet there is a lot of (local) information you can find about builders. In my favourites i have saved some of that information.


Just wondering how you are progressing with your plans to purchase a site and build.

I purchased a site back in 2006 and am thinking of building on it in the near future, so would love to know if you progressed with your plans?

Warm Regards

I am currently in the progress of buying a plot. I am currently doing my research regarding all the different necessary actions.  My plot will be an unregulated plot, use my lawyer and local contacts to have the plot regulated. This is process which is actually quite good described and will take about a year. … mp;faqId=5 has some steps where I have to go through and anybody who wants to regulate land actually.
Positive part is that the local mayor and the municipality are helping me to get the plot regulated and ready for building. The land is a from an old farmer who hasn't used the area for more then 10 years and will take a lot of money and effort to create it back to farmland. (It's an income for them as soon as it gets regulated, I will have to start to pay taxes.) This will cost me approximately € 1,50 upto € 3,-- per m2 to get through this procedure. The specialists advice me actually to immediately split the plot as well in different building plots, its slightly more expensive but gives in the foreseen future the possibility to sell regulated plots with an estimated triple value, which can be used for investing in my own property for all the other expenses to be made.

My current concerns are more:
How do I connect to the local sewage system or implement a water cleaning system? Is the local sewage system capable of handling the additional future load?
Do I want to use a septic tank?
How much power do I need, what will the cost be for connecting to the public power lines? Is the line capable of handling all the foreseen power in the near future?
I have already an offer for a large Solar solution with a saltwater power storage, which can provide enough power for my house and office and possible guest houses.
My concern is that the power isn't stable enough during certain periods, especially in the winter with possible line breakage.
Water supply, how do I get my water supply connected or do I need a water storage solution for it?
Do i want gas for heating and/or cooking? In the region there isn't a regular pipeline so I have to do it with a large tank or smaller tanks then, what I actually hate because you have to arrange a structural return or fill-up.
Whats the cost to have a descent internet or multiple internet connection available, I am used to fiber in the Netherlands and hate already the bad connections in Belgium.
(Necessary for remote working and my relations.)

Then we are going to other parts where I will try to give updates after the plot is bought and regulation process is started.

This is:
Local roadworks, land roadworks.
Public works, regarding connections.
Foundation works, also parts on slopes. (Great view.)
Pre-fab, building by design and/or other options

In the process of building a house.

Most of your questions depend on where you're building.

My advice to everyone in this post DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use Bulgarian builders, you will be robbed.

Not at all.  You can't just hire anyone, though

You need to directly know the builders you are hiring.

I've almost finished a house, and have had minimal problems.

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