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Hi guys, I'm a Kiwi (New Zealander) - I would like to meet recruiters or schools and also require help with securing mid to long term accomodation in a good area (happy to go in with other like minded individuals) while saving myself a few dollars. I have a TESOL cert issued by ASU and am a recent MBA graduate - all verifiable online at respective issuing institutes. I have taught, albeit intermittently, at native ECE centers here in New Zealand as well as with the NZ Language Partners (English language Instructor) and was a student-teacher at university for 2 semesters (computers and SME taxation).  I will be in PP on the 3rd December with my sister (flights booked and confirmed). Please feel free to add me. I'd also like to say that I would be willing to teach (one on one) English in exchange, I'd love to learn Khmer and immerse myself in local culture. Perhaps in a relaxed setting like over coffee or tea at a   cafe or park until my sister and I are able to secure an apartment or something more suitable. We will be staying at a guesthouse/hostel near the metrostation on arrival to PP. Please do add me, may be we could be of service to each other.

I found this whilst searching the net - Khmer Jobs 

Thought it may be of use for others too. It has a few Expat specific vacancies in the Education section.

You should join Phnom Penh Job Alerts on facebook, there are two of them so add both. There are constant job postings for teachers, good salaries considering living costs. Depending on what part of town you want to live in, rent can be as cheap as $150 to as expensive as $5,000 for a serviced 3 bedroom apartment.

It is very easy to find both a job and apartment for expats and native english speakers. If you are determined to get the ball rolling as soon as you get here, you can be set up within a week.

Thank you, I have added them and been accepted. I have a few apartments to view when my plane lands. Off to the guesthouse and then straight out to view apartments an hour later. So right now, my main concern is locking down a source of revenue (have enough savings to tie me over but wanting to visit other Asian countries and Europe too).

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Australian 66 English teach retired looking work in Cambodia arrive 10/12/16 full time retirement in your wonderful country will be based in PP centre

hi there, i am elroy from holland. Soon am i going too Cambodia too travel and too life for a few months or maybe longer. I wanne know if there are any jobs for me. I have a lot of experience as a bartender for like 10 years right now. If somebody knows something just say so. Any information is welcome. Thnx btw. See yah guys soon in cambodia.

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