I lost my MVPI Paper, but has the valid sticker on the car

I lost my MVPI certficate but has the valid sticker on the car. Is it OK to transfer the ownership? Or Shall I attend the MVPI test again? or Is it possible to obtain a copy from them?

If your MVPI (Fahas) is valid, there shouldn't be any problem in transfer.

Based on my experience, they requires Iqama, License, Car Registration (Istamara). I don't think presenting MVPI is required at all. It should be valid in their system and that's all. I don't know if I still have my car's MVPI docs with me.

If you want to be more assured, ask anyone who has transferred their car. Or you can talk to any agent who performs car transfer. Tell him that you need to transfer and what is required. Don't inform him about your MVPI doc unless he mentions. Just tell him you have valid MVPI. Once he tells you all requirements, then ask him is there need for MVPI docs as well. I am sure he will say no.

Several showrooms are themselves agents for any car transfer. Even any showroom can provide you this info.

Same question for me also.. please help on this

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