E0000236 - No Record found error

Hi Guys,

Guess I may be too early to create this post for my case. Still wanted advice.

I recently found an opportunity as a Marketing Manager in a London based Food delivery company at their APAC office (Singapore). The HR applied for EP on 20th October 2016 at around 3 or 4 PM. I checked EP status online on the evening of 21st October 2016. I was surprised to find this error, "E0000236 - No Record found error". I quickly checked with HR, she said from her portal it says pending and even shared my Application reference number. Post which I checked status online by keying in application number still got the same error. I was expecting EP application record in pending status. Is this normal that this happens? Anyone faced the same issue?

My Qualifications:

Singapore Work Exp: 2.3 years Total Work Exp: 4.6 years.

1. I am in Singapore for close to 4 years now (Since Jan 2013).
2. I came here for my Master of Technology degree (Data Analytics) in NUS from India. Graduated in 2014. I have signed MOE service obligation tuition grant which wants me to work for 3 years post graduation. which is still valid (June 2014 to June 2017)
3. Started my first job in Singapore as a Campaign Manager (Salary was 42K SGD per annum) in a US HQed Social Media Ad tech company at their Singapore office for APAC. Duration June 2014 to September 2015.
4. My second job opportunity was with a Singapore HQed Mobile Ad tech company as a Product Manager (Salary was 65K SGD per annum). Duration November 2015 to October 2016. I have to highlight the point that this EP took like 40+ days to get approved. (I dont really want this to happen again)
5. The new job opportunity  as a Marketing Manager (Salary is 75K SGD per annum) in a UK HQed Food delivery company at their APAC office (Singapore). EP was applied on 20th October 2016 and when I checked even on 22nd October online for status it says "E0000236 - No Record found error"

6. Prior to coming to Singapore, I was working as an Analyst Programmer in India for one of the top IT services company. Duration Oct 2010 to Jan 2013.
7. I completed my 4 year Bachelor of Technology degree (Information Technology) from Anna University, Chennai, India (from a university affiliated college). Duration 2006 to 2010.

My queries now are:
1. Please throw some light on E0000236 - No Record found error? which was strange to me.
2. I really do not want the case to repeat where it took 40+ days for Ep approval again. :(


If your employer says that they can see it's appearing as pending then asked them to copy the print screen and send over to you to clear your doubt. Cause it surprises that the employer can see pending where as when you check it's showing as an error. There could be a possibility you might input incorrect data or information in the website which leads to the error message.

Secondly getting an EP itself is tough and so how many days it will take or getting successful depends on MOM so nobody knows or whether you or me want or not, it will take its time to see any response from MoM. Many instances it takes more than 2 months in recent months. Hope you will get a positive feedback from MoM.

Last not the least, hope you didn't resign from your current employer as I have seen few cases where people resign after receiving offer letter then their new EP or S pass didn't get approve.

Thanks Surya2K for your reply.

The HR did send the screen shot with my application number. I checked again online yesterday with this application number. Still it says, No record found. Which is strange. Can I enquire MOM with the application number?

Fingers crossed!

1. All responses to status online enquiries come from the same database - there is only one!
So, if you can exclude typing error or fraud, you or your employer should contact MoM - it might be a bug in their system.
2. It will most probably take more than 40 days this time - the average EP processing time at MoM has gone up that much recently. Sorry!

Thanks Beppi for the response

1. I will check the status monday morning, if it still shows No record found. I will call up MOM and get this clarified.

2. I checked with the employer on their previous applications and they said the maximum it had gone was 7 days. However I am still worried on the No Record found error only.

Fingers crossed.


Hi Guys,

My EP got approved today. :)

Thanks for the guidance.


I have one query now. If my current employer cancels my Ep this week. Can I travel outside singapore and come again next week with my IPA of new Ep?

Congrats! How many days did you wait for the result? 'Y one is still pending. It's almost 3 weeks.
Cross fingers!

The employer had applied on 20th October. So 5 calendar days. Good luck to you.

Congrats, I would suggest to get your new EP before you travel outside to avoid unnecessary QA in immigration check point, its matter of few days to receive your new EP, unless there is really an urgent work then you can obtain VISA to enter Singapore after your existing EP cancelled.

Hi Karthik,

What was the issue behind getting
E0000236 : No record found.

I am also in the same boat,My consultancy has applied for EP.But when I login and check the status it shows E0000236.

Can anyone help regarding this issue.


"No record found" means what it says: The system does not have the information you requested.
If you logged in with your FIN number and looked for your EP application, the message means that the system knows no such application - which could be because it hasn't been entered yet (this takes a few days after submission) or that no application has been made.


Thanks for replying.Now I see the updated status, maybe it took some time to refresh the details or something else not sure.
Also, one query.Is it possible that someone has 2 EP's applied at one time ..both in pending state ?


No, this is not possible - only one work pass application allowed at any one time!

Hi Karthik,

Did you check the status of the application day before the EP approved date ?
I am also facing the same issue. My recruitment agent informed me that they already applied for EP on Mar. 15, 2018. However until today (Mar. 20, 2018) I could not find any records in MOM. This is my first EP application in SG. Can someone please help me to sort-out this confusion ?

It may take few days to a week (5 working days) at MoM system to update your record in order for you to see it online. I should suggest wait for a day or two before reaching out your employer and request them to advice as it's not appearing in MoM system. Good luck

Same situation :). My company applied(received rejection 1st time), based on their answer it was their fault(they didint submit all the documents, I guess). They re-submit my documents(have new APP number, but the same FIN( on the 4th of March but when I check MoM, its saying "No records found". Contacted the company they send me screen shot(from where they are checking) and my application is pending :). Unfortunately I cant check anything...with my passport number is showing my old status...with FIN and APP number- No record found. Very strange

This is possibly an error in MoM's system?
You could contact them and ask.

Beppi, I guess the same. However is been more than 2 weeks?

Now my record is showing in MOM with "Pending" status.
It took 6 working days from application date to display the record in MOM.
So don't worry, if your record is not showing in MOM. Wait 5-6 days. If the employer applied for EP, definitely you can find the record in 5-6 days.

Thanks for guidance.

This was already said in my above statement, wait for at least 5 working days before you reach out employer for any reference (e.g. screenshot of application status at employer end).

Surya2k any thoughts about my situation. I am seeing no record from 5th of March? :) :) :). I see a lot of people with the same "problem". My company provided screenshot but thats about it :). Still Pending. This week will my full 3rd week.

Request the employer to reach out MoM that what could be the possible reason there is no update in their system. There could be a possibility some errors in their system while submitting the application which is why it's not appearing data in their record. Good luck

How you check your status with FINE or application number ?

You can log into the EPOnline system on MoM's website with your FIN number.

I don't know FIN...Can I check with application number?

Ask for the FIN from your employer. They must give it to you.

Hi guys,

Currently am working in Singapore, am a foreigner holding E pass. I got an offer from a US based company and that company has applied for E pass on 20th March. When I try to check the status of the application today It is not updated yet, still it is showing my previous application status.

Do I need to wait for another day or two I need to check with the new company HR regarding this.

I remember my previous application processed within 3 days.

Thanks in advance.

Your existing employer should cancel the current EP before your new employer would apply. Did you check with HR if they had cancelled your EP?

Hi Surya2K
Before my EP getting approved I cannot inform my current employer to cancel my E pass if am not wrong.
Usually it has to be EP has to get approved before I tender my current job, am I correct?

@Vicky90 You are correct. If current employer cancels your EP now, you only have 30 days (social visit pass) to stay in Singapore. You may need to get out of Singapore if your new EP is not approved or pending. It is the best you have new EP approved and ask current employer to cancel EP later

Now my application status can be viewed. It is taking 7 calendar days to get updated.

First you guys should know the standard process at MoM (for an employee). MoM system can't accept a new application on an existing EP. So, the existing EP has to cancel first before the system will allow to apply again by a new employer. That's the risk you need to take if you are working under work pass that your application may get rejected or delay. There is no way you can escape.

So, looking at your message, you no need to say your employer to cancel your EP, rather you resign then serve the notice period (as per the written clauses on offer letter), then existing employer know when they have to cancel the pass. Good luck

Note: If the existing employer won't cancel EP or delay cancelling then you will suffer the most as the new employer won't able to apply new EP, then looking at processing time, you have to wait longer time.

@surya2k I think you may have some outdated information. Here is the information I can find on MOM

"How do I go about employing an existing Employment Pass or S Pass holder?
You will have to submit a new application for the person. There is no need to cancel the existing Employment Pass or S Pass while doing so."

Please check this MOM link for your reference MOM Link

You are correct. The recent revision has given more flexible for the employer due to system enhancement. Only thing need to take care that the employee has to fulfill the obligation to serve the notice period and existing employer has to cancel the EP as it won't cancel automatically.

It has always been possible to APPLY for an EP while holding another one, but if approved it cannot be ISSUED before the old one is cancelled.
This makes it possible to resign from the old job only after the new EP has been approved, which reduces the risk.
But it is not possible to have two EP applications at the same time. This might have caused the confusion above.

Hi guys
My EP got approved today . It got approved on 7th working day.

On which day you submit the application????

Application submitted on 20th March.

Is there any information when will get IPA?

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