Inquiry for mariage between Kenyabn and Norwegian

Hello everyone am Maureen and am a Kenyan am dating a Norwegian guy since 2014 and so far he has come to Kenya 8 times and so we decided that I apply  for a visitation visa to Norway twice and it was rejected giving us very invalid reason for the rejection.
Now we have decided we are going to get married.
So was requesting for any help from someone who had gone through the same and it succeeded.
And since getting married here in Kenya isn't recognized by Norway since they say we are well known for forging things any help.
Thank you

What was the reasons they gave when they rejected?if ur tourist visa is approved then u can get married in Norway.then it will b easy for u to apply for family reunion

Thanks naskizoo7
The reason they gave for the rejection for a visitation visa is that am young since am 25, not married, has no children and has no financial commitments in Kenya hence they consider me to have weak ties with my country of origin and that I have no travel history to schengen area. And that reference is made to them that many applicants consider job income prospects in Norway or other countries in schengen area to be more attractive than in her country of origin. And that my boyfriend has visited me 5 times approximately 12 weeks in Kenya and they don't consider the relationship sufficiently established and enduring to issue visa.and therefore after considering all aspects of the application the embassy didn't find the applicant to have sufficient ties to her home country,to outweigh the risk of applicant remaining in the country past the date set by an issued visa that's why my visitation visa application was rejected.
Any help friends.

So do u have a job in kenya or any property in ur name?when u applied did u submit your boyfriends stamped passport pages when he visited kenya.u culd hve submitted that and along with some pics from each visit.just paste it on a word document.for how many years u r in relationship?if u work somewhere outside kenya etc nd then apply from there it has more potential to get approved

Hey nadkiz007 thanks so much for your reply
Yes I attached the letter from my employer ,our photos together in my village, nairobi and maasai Mara when we went for vacation and also my bank statement and my boyfriend stamped visa.
I don't know why they rejected this time round since first time I wasn't employed they refused
Am confused.

How long u guys r in relationship.may be the option is you hve to get married and then try.or else you try to get job some other country such as dubai etc then apply it from may take time then

Qe have been in relationships since 2014 till now
I think that will be good but I fear we can get married and then they reject again that's my fear

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