Appeal in Norway

Hello everyone
Anybody have idea for appeal ? 3 months ago I have applied for skilled work visa in Norway. I have fulfilled all requirements as skilled worker but unfortunately o forget to attach my UDI employment form to the application and according to my job employment latter my work hours is 50hr per week, so it was denied.

After that my company has gave me a new offer latter and also reduce working hours 37.5. Also thay gave me UDI job employment form. So i have 2 new documents for the application.. I uploaded it on UDI website and also I received confirmation email from UDI.

Anybody have idea about waiting time coz I received confirmation email on 5 dec 2018 and till now I didn't receive any email .

3 months is the average time,

Thank you for response. I have one more question, what will be if UDI reverse their decision. Because according to mail of UDI which state that either thay reverse their decision or thay forward my case into UNE.

If UDI reverse decision and granted residence permit then how much time it will take ?

Or if thay send my case UNE then how much it will take !

3 months is standard waiting time. My case is strong. so, now is there any possibility to get decision early..?

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