Cohabitant permit

Any info about entering to Norway with the Cohabitant permit? I already read the UDIs site but I want to know if does still apply if you have a long distance relationship with a Norwegian for about one year?

I am applying for the cohabitation permit with my Norwegian boyfriend this year. We were long distance for 2 years (together since 2016), then he came to Canada on a temporary work/tourist visa in 2018 for a 1 year term, then got a 2nd 1 year visa with the company he was working for in 2019.

The Norwegian government requires 2 years of documented living together to be considered cohabitants but before my boyfriend came to Canada he called UDI, and they told him that the time we spent visiting counts, so if you have any trips back and forth then those weeks can be part of the 2 years required. As far as we understood and were told, 1 year of long distance it is not considered cohabitation. You can look into other temporary visa options to start out where you can live with him in Norway during those times and once you accumulate 2 years you can then apply for the cohabitation visa.

It has been a big learning experience for us! I wish you both the best of luck!

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