IPTV Box (or another option) for Indian Subcontinent TV

Hi all,

We have just employed a live-in maid/nanny from Sri Lanka. I want to make her feel as comfortable as possible so would like to get a TV installed in her room. However being new to Bahrain I am unsure as to what the options are for decent TV channels for somebody like her.
I know the island has many Indian, Sri Lankan, Bangla expats so there must be some decent options on the market for buying an IPTV box or something similar........

Hello dadofduck :top:

You could browse through threads talking about tv and internet etc here :

> Telecommunications in Manama


Hi Kenjee,

Thanks for that but I already did that and there is nothing relevant apart from one thread that talks about satellite dishes and the like which is not what I asked for.

So the question still stands if anybody can give me any advice please .......