Opinion about STC Fiber Broadband

Hi folks,

I was planning to change my existing wireless broadband to fiber broadband. I think I will go with STC fiber since they are providing no contract plans. So i would like to get an idea about their service. If anybody here has experience with them, kindly share. I know that when it comes to fiber broadband Batelco is the best. But they dont have no contract plan. So I would also like to know if i go with Batelco and i terminate the contract early how much will I be charged with. What do you guys think which one should I go for?

Thanks in advance.

Personally, having used both, there is no comparison.  STC is really bad.  I use Batelco, the 500Mbps connection and it works very well for me.  As far as the penalty is concerned, you need to ask at the shop.

Appreciate your response  :)