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I am looking for teaching work in PP or Siem Reap. I've been living and teaching in Thailand and China for 15 years, but, I am now looking to move on.  Ideally I would like to walk into a position than apposed to waiting around for weeks. I'm looking to move at the end of September.

Hi Jason,

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You can also post an advert in the teaching jobs in Phnom Penh section.

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Thanks Christine

Hi, Jason

Where are you? And I know some schools that can employ you.

Let me know when you be here and how much salary you expect, age group of student.

I am looking at salary of about $1200. I will be there at the the end of September.
Thank you.

If you're looking for a teaching job your best bet, unfortunately, would be to actually be in the country and drop off your CV at schools.  The guys here like face to face interviews and they're not super big on online applications.

Anyway, tip: Join the Facebook group called Phnom Penh Jobs Alert.  It will give you an idea of what's available.  Also... a lot of schools (for some obscure reason) do not advertise.  I think it's because they know that someone's going to come around and drop their CV off. (Siem Reap probably has a similar Facebook group.  Seriously, check out the Facebook groups of the cities/towns, they are life savers for everything from jobs, accommodation to buying and selling stuff to whatever).

You're making a good move.  Compared to China this is a breeze (I was there for two years).

Hope you find something that suits you!

Cheers :-)

Thank you Marika.



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