Moving to Costa Blanca

Hello !
In need of any advice would be amazing to get some help please !
We are looking to move to Costa Blanca area in the next few months, we want to rent a 2/ 3 bedroom property. Not decided on which particular area, however would like to be not too far from the Coast.
We were thinking of booking into a hotel for a week and then have a look around at our leisure. What is the process on renting and can you do this reasonably quickly ? also we have a little dog are you restricted on rentals ?
Many thanks Melissa

Hi Melissa,

Welcome on board  :)

You will find some useful infos in the Accommodation in Spain article, make sure to read it  ;)

As for your dog, you will have to inquire from your prospective landlords, some may be keen, others more reluctant.

All the best,

Thank you so much for your advice Bhavna, I will take a look. Super exciting times :)

Hi Melissa

I guess it shouldn't be to hard to rent , there are so many empty property's here !

Do you want to live semi rural or amongst other ex pats on an urbanization ?

Cheers Tony

Hello Tony,
Thanks for your response. We want to be in a urbanization (not too busy) or at least near to others if we rented a townhouse maybe ! We have the chance of hopefully renting a friends apartment for a few weeks in Quesada, this will give us the opportunity to look around and find our suitable location.
We are super excited, and can't wait to make the move.  Daily I look at videos/locations and write ups/forums for Costa Blanca, to get more knowledge and information. Just feel it's much better to be there and see what's available !! Melissa

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