Making new friends for a 69 year old woman

I would like some advice as to where I can find friends in the City of Almeria. I am now living here and like the area and everything very much. However, I have been here a month and am finding it hard to find places to meet people. I do have a reasonable knowledge of spanish and can manage in my daily life quite well provided people have the patience to listen. I have a good sense of humour and am active and fairly lively despite my age. I just don't want to start getting lonely.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

Are there any clubs, events or gatherings which meets your interests? These are great to meet new people.

Thanks for replying, Primadonna. I am trying to find activities and clubs. The tourist information only had details of things like the theatre, cinema etc so weren't a lot of help as far as clubs go. I go to the odd bar but people are mostly together and speaking rapid Spanish.

Morning Jokoko!
I have the EXACT issues! Same age as you too. I lived in Cyprus for four years and left many, many friends there to move here to Alicante.
I can speak some Spanish and I'm certainly not shy but I still cannot assimilate into the social scene.
I didn't want the ex pat scene any longer but now I'm beginning to doubt
my choice...

Thanks very much for your reply. It's a pity we are so far away from each other as we could meet up and that would be a very good start. It's sad you have left so many friends in Cyprus. I find that my friends in England are more or less leaving me to it and seem to have the idea "out of sight, out of mind" as most don't even keep in touch by email.

I came to Almeria to immerse myself in the language as I have a house in Catral, not far from Alicante and thought that by renting a small flat here where generally English isn't spoken, I would become competent  enough to move there and hold my own with Spanish and English alike. in Catral. There aren't nearly as many facilities there and I don't drive.However, I am a bit restricted financially and without the money to get out much, my chances of talking to Spanish people are very limited.

I have only been here 5 weeks but I am feeling a little frustrated that Summer really is the best time for meeting people and doing things with them. I don't feel I have become any more accustomed to the spoken language. I can read and write it far better than understand it or speak it.

Perhaps we will get the opportunity to meet up.

Hello, Jojokoko
I am not finding Catral on google maps, is it far from Almeria? Do you by any chance speak French? I ask this question because on if you change the language, you will see posts in that language on Almeria. French language is somewhat active. If you don't speak French, do not despair, some of my compatriots like myself speak English.
I will take this opportunity to ask a question. How did you find the house you are in at the moment? I am finding hard to locate a small house with a bit of land on the outside of Almeria.

Many thanks for your reply, Noel. Catral is about20 minutes drive from Alicante about the same distance from Torrevieja and I bought it 12 years ago. Because of my financial situation I couldn't afford to live in it so had to rent it out, which is a pity. I would actually like to live in Almeria eventually. I am only renting here in order to immerse myself in the language but unfortunately am not doing as well as I had hoped because I don't have friends to socialise with

I can speak some French and would welcome improving on that as well as Spanish. I would like to meet French people too.

Look forward to hearing from you


Hi jojokoko

I'm friend with a British woman that is at least in your age. Very nice lady that goes on these long arranged walks/hikes every Sunday or so. It often draws a nice sized group, and many are regulars. Me and my girlfriend has joined a couple of times. Nice routes for mountains, the Cabo de Gata beaches, the almond blossom walks, etc. etc. Those are a nice mix of all ages, but mostly senior-leaning, and we found it to be a great way to meet people. It does require decent physical fitness, but is of course also a great way to acquire and maintain it, without breaking too much sweat or backs.

I'll ask her where the information is available if you're interested.

Thank you very much indeed. I would love to join the group.  I am visiting friends for 12  days but after that will be back. I wish I had known before as I find it very difficult to get to know people despite my fairly outgoing nature.

I got my girlfriend to look up the group our friend is walking with.
Actually it is two.

Here are the info I we found. I think there are email newsletters going out for each event.

Asociación Cultural "Joaquín Ramírez"

C/. Juan de Austria, 8
Huércal de Almería, Spain
Phone: 639 76 58 22

Amigos del Parque Natural Cabo de Gata

Contact Julian Vera,íjar-122077407815396/?fref=ts

If nothing else, drop by for a brew the next time you are in the area. We live in Huercal de Almeria, just north of Almeria City.