New to Almeria and looking to make some friends!

Hi all! I am new to Almeria and looking to make some friends!

Anyone who is here and fancies hanging out feel free to give me a shout.

Greetings! Absolutely! That would be great! Have you ever ben to entremares? Its the BEST Seafood in Almeria. Also the Garden has the best VEGITARIOAN tapas and GREAT live music most nights.
This week its a bit insane, Im trying to move into a new apartment, and Im getting settled with the new students and the new job and what not. So not this next week, but after that I would ABSOLUTELY like to get together!
Will you write me midweek and remind me? We WILL make plans.

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Sounds fab! No, not been to either place, I haven't really explore Almeria at all as like you Ive been moving and settling and all that jazz. Good to connect with another English speaker as my Spanish is horrible!

I'll send you a whatsapp

perfect! PLEASE do! Just hit me up midweek

Hey! I sen t you a whatsapp and a text message but I'm not sure if they are working... maybe you can try?


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Sure thing, sorry. Some times my whats app is possesed and like to go on strike. Ya, what is your number? Sorry, this week looks like another completely insane on. Starting several new jobs similtaniously, and JUST got back last night from getting my things where I left them with a friend for the summer. How are your teaching posts going? Where are you teaching? Where are you living?

Sorry, I thought I had put my number on the last post.


Give me a shout and lets do something next week!

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Okay, maybe Im loosing my mind but when I look back through our thread, I dont see EITHER of our numbers! Any how, mine is xxx again. If you could give me yours Ill give you a ring. Im actually going to Vienna for the long weekend this weekend, but if you wanted to get together for Tapas and maybe some music if any is going on NEXT friday that would be great. And Im beginning to plan a ¨tapas crawl¨ for Thanksgivingm, if you are american and interested in celebrating, Spanish style! Hope to hear from you soon, and I hope the teaching is going well. Where are you teaching?

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Hello everyone,

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I know I'm late to this thread, was just wondering if anyone here is still in Almeria? I'm teaching English in a nearby town called Carboneras, but would be down to make the hop over yonder to meet some new folks.

Hasta pronto