New friends in Almeria

Hi everyone!
My name is Marlena and I come from Poland. I'm currently living in Madrid but in the beginning of August I'm moving out to Almeria. I'd like to find some people to hang out with, grab a beer etc.
Feel free to contact me :-)

Hej, hej ;) Ja tez z Polski, ale - coby inni mogli zrozumieć - napisze po ang. Żeby nie było hermetów ;)

So are you already living in Almeria? Do you like it? I consider moving out there from Poland soon. I will be there in September so maybe we could drink some coffee, beer, or whatever ;)


Well, the area (sea and mountains) is pretty and the people are really kind. But I don't like anything else :P
When exactly are you coming to Almeria? I'm staying only until 6th :/

Oh really? Im coming about 10th :/
what exactly you don't like? If the weather is good, views are great, people are kind...soooo? :>

I was living before in Madrid and everything was different. It's really difficult here to make friends. The accent is weird and I have a lot of problems with understanding all the people who were born in Almeria. The weather is nice if you're going for holidays only. If you're staying for a longer time then it's not so good anymore. But that's only my opinion :P

Yeaaah I know about the accent...well, don't know..I was thinking  about staying there for longer. But we will see.
I lived in Barcelona before...
So you wanna go back to Madrit again? Or to Poland? :)

Maybe you'll like it.
Well, I'm going back to Poland as I haven't been there since December but I'm planning to come back to Madrid as soon as possible :)

Hope you'll enjoy your stay in Almeria :)

We will see..;)if not - im gonna keep on searching for my place in the Earth ;) It seems you found yours in Madrit, no? :>

Can you tell me how`s the life in Almeria after the season? is it just quiet or terrible-quiet?

hi , how did you find almeria ?  :)

Hi Elias330 > just to inform you that this is an old topic. You might start a new topic with an introduction on the Almeria forum. Thank you.