Considering moving to Venezuela - Share your experience

I have a nephew and he is being offer to move to Venezuela for 6 months, he is a futbol player and is being offer a 6 months contract in a team in the first division there. It is not in Caracas. 
We have a few questions about how real is everything we've heard about what happens in Venezuela, we know and understand that the situation is beyond complicated, but your experience might add value to his decision.
Do expats or foreigners find the same restrictions, limitations that nationals have? 
We know safety is an issue, but well ... where isn't, right?
Any thoughts of recommendations for him to consider? He'll get a local salary, as any futbol player all he wants is to play, but I think the best if for him to have as much information as possible to make a decision.

Appreciate you take your time and share your experiences.


it is nice that someone wants to help our Vino Tinto! They need it!

The supply problems (which in my personal opinión are intentionally created by the opposition, copycat to 1972 against Allende in Chile who fell over toilet paper the CIA was sitting on) are 90+% in products foreigners hardly ever use, like cornflour for arepas etc, but which hurt the locals and make them angry about the government. And it also mainly hurts the poor because with a bit more you can get +- everything. In short - it is political.

For any questions you may write to me directly**

Greetings from sunny Isla Margarita.


PS: it is surprising how many people from Europe are moving here! Germans, Austrians and even some US citizens, probably afraid of Trump! My son in law is a builder! Your home in the Caribbean.

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