Relocating to Belize with Small Children

We would like to hear from or be connected to other families that have moved to Belize with small children (under 5).


Hi, we just moved back to the states from Belize.  We lived there two years from when our son was 12 to 14 (not exactly the ages you mention) so have some good information concerning children living in Belize.  In order to be helpful, please let me know what area of Belize you are considering. 


Would love to know the same..we are thinking Corozal.  Our son is 12 and our daughter is 2.

Corozol is close to Chetumal, which makes a lot of sense.  I really don't know anything about the schools there. I think you would run out of airspeed and altitide with the local schools.  You can always do on-line home schooling. But that does not provide social activities.  Most gringos are retired with grown children in the US.  We were very lucky to find a school near us in Maya Beach run by a lovely Mennonite family.  They used the ABeka curriculum, which we were familar with.  The medical will be fine, the proximity to Mexico and to the Belize City is all good. There is a duty free zone at the border where you can get stuff you can't find anywhere else in Belize. You would be close enough to fly in and out of Cancun and save a TON of money over BC.  That is a big plus. You really need to check out the schooling options.  The beaches are not as nice in Corozal, but on balance, with small children, it is probably the best option in Belize. It is a charming little community with a strong hispanic influence. It has a real downtown, banks and piazza, which is very lovely.  Like all of Belize, it is third world, but not as much so as the interior.  The further south you go from the Mexican border, the poorer Belize become.  There are lovely "gringo" pockets, but these are expensive and not representative of the norm.  You must think of security there when you look for housing.  Regardless of your circumstances, as a gringo, you will be considered rich.  Do not wear jewelry.  A plain gold wedding band and a simple watch is about it.  The only friend I have in Belize who wears her jewelry while in Belize travels with a bodyguard for her and her children.  Lots to think about.  If you have any more questions, please ask...Merry Christmas.

Hi. I'm living in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye with a 13mth old. Would love to get in touch if you're coming this way.

We left Belize in October to return to the States.  We have a teen and we needed to get on with his life.  No future in Belize.  But, you have a long time before you need to worry about that.  Relax and enjoy.

Hello their,I raised both of my sons here. They have found it to be the land of opportunity, they both have their own businesses and do quit well. One owns Mr. Greedy`s pizzeria and one owns Birdwalk realty. I guess it depends on what your idea of opportunity is.

We're still seeking expat families in Belize with small children. Our son is currently 15 months. We are leaning toward Corozal for the reasons mentioned by Carolyn. We would love to connect with people who are there with young kids.


My husband and I are thinking about moving our family to Belize...we have a 2 year old and a 5 year old. We are looking at settling down around placencia, corozal, caye, cayo district..???? I am a teacher in the US and would like to continue teaching in belize. I am worried about education for our children, finding jobs to support our family, and mostly leaving my family and our family support...any thoughts or recommendations would be so appreciated!!!!

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