Looking for a homestay experience in Tana June 2nd-4th 2016

I am a Kenyan professional, I work in community development. I will be in Tana from May 31st, I am looking for a host for the days June 2nd -4th.

The hosts home should have basic amenities, clean, and within reach of the city. The host should be easy and fun to be with, I will need to take in some sight seeing and partying, and visit the beach. I will pay for accommodation and companionship. 

My email is xxx


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Hi Mbinya,

Welcome on board  :)

Not sure whether homestay + companionship is common in Madagascar, i suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in Antananarivo section of the website or browse through the business directory > Guesthouses in Antananarivo so that you may find accommodation for your stay.

All the best,

Thanks for your response. I already have hotels I can stay at, but travelling alone means that you do not get to see the country or learn the people much, which I would like to. But you can advise on good safe meeting places to hang out? I will appreciate.

Bhavna. I have really enjoyed my stay in Tana. Beautiful city, though I did not get to do all I might have wished. I hope I will make it back some day..I leave tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for reaching out.

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