Foreign professors

Hi everyone!

I am from Brazil, graduated in History and currently finishing my master degree in History as well.

I lived in Malaysia for one year, where I learned Malay and grew very fond of the country's culture, heritage and people.

I wish I could get a job in a Brunei university as professor, especially in the human science field. Does anyone know how does it work to seek for academical jobs there?

Any kind of information would be really useful.

Terima kasih!

Hi MarceloAPL,

I suggest you drop an advert in the dedicated section of the website : Jobs in Brunei.

You may also contact the different universities directly though their careers section and inquire.

All the best,

Thanks a lot, Bhavna! Will certainly do that

Hi Marcelo,

Well my bro in law just got an offer by UNI as a lecturer. He will be joining on December 1,2016
He is a German guy. Well you can google it by key in Pelita Brunei. In that there will be many posts required by the Government Including UNI. Good luck. Just tried keep on looking as pelita Brunei will update every thrice a week if I'm not mistaken.. Haha

Thanks Alyce!
Will do that :)

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