i need job in brunei

salam hassanb my name is khalid i am frome india in mumbai i need jop in your brunei city so please have look on me

   My name is Vikraman ravindran nair.I,m from south India. (Trivandrum)is my city name. Sir i need a job in Brunai So  If u don,t mind please help me to give me a chance . My contact no is 00914712444145 and my email is raviatham[at]yahoo.com


You should post an advert with more details under Brunei classifieds > job section.

Thank you and good luck.

Even me i want want job there :) .. can anyone help me :)

i hope you will soon find one

Okwudili,you are so open-hearted,thank you for this

my name is sielo sibandze in swaziland i would like to have a job in brunei or in unied states of america (but in swaziland )if its a us properties.

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