Working with the Empire Hotel Brunei

Hi all,

Im considering an expat position in Empire hotel brunei.

Any insider information about this property which i should know of?

thanks alot.

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That's a nice place, I don't know about the work, but I'm sure there is good things to do.

hi my name is Rami,iám  from australia-sydney,i work with a catering company based in sydney university broadway as a sous chef ,i have been chef for 14 years ,i was lucky to work with the best chefs in the industry,i wondering if there is any position available for chef de cuisine or executive sous chef in the Empire hotel brunei my email rami_chef[at]    cheers

Hi there folks,

I was in Brunei for a very long time and was in the hospitality industry.

Brunei is a nice place for expats to work in general. Like any job, anywhere, you will be happy if you have job satisfaction, don't get involved in office politics and have a supportive boss who will recognise and reward your contribution.

As for working in Empire Hotel, it has a nice 'hardware' but the 'software' lacks severely. 'Software' here means the people and the service. This is largely due to management issues. The hotel is run by a board of directors who have zero hotel experience and yet they overrule what the General Manager wants to do despite the fact that he is the expert that they hired to run the place. If you are an expat, my guess is you're part of the leadership / management team, which means you will be tangled in the politics.

I don't mean to be negative but if you can get past the frustrations of performing your job the way you want to and constantly have to do fire-fighting for issues that shouldn't have happened, then you can certainly enjoy your work in Empire. Be sure to meet people, get yourself into the social circles, don't spend all your hours at work, you'll be happy living in Brunei.

PS > Several GMs of Empire Hotel in the past were told to leave by the Board with little or no advanced notice. It was always because of one wrong move during their tenure or for exercising authority over the Board's decisions.

Good luck.

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can you clarify what you mean by inside information? I suppose you've done your own due diligence before accepting the job..

You can start with the Hotel's main page:

Its the biggest, and maybe the most expensive  Hotel resort in Brunei.


hello sir iam chef indian curry and tandoor and i am work  now in brunei  saffron cafe  and iam  see new job in hotel / rest  brunei **

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Im amirul.from shah alam,im glad to find the job in commis 1 from pastry....i am see new job in hotel empire hotel & country club as commis 2 or commis 1...


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