Doing business in Brunei


are foreign investors welcome in Brunei?

Is it complicated to register a company in Brunei? What is the procedure?

What is the corporate tax rate in Brunei?

Is it easy to recruit?

Any advice you would share with us?

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Few foreigners invest in Brunei, but the country wants ti increase its attractively. It is the maine role of the Brunei Economic Development Board (

There is difference type of company but as a foreign investor not interested in off-shore activities, the SDN BDH (Sendirian Berhad) or a joint venture are for two choices. In both cases you need a local partner that doesn't need to have a lot of shares.
Company such as Deloitte can help you to set up a company in a month.
Corporate tax is 23% but start ups and specific activities benefit of exemptions.
It is not easy to recruit, local staff and quite long to have quota for foreigners. If you need a big workforce straight away, that might be an issue. But a few staff should be fine.
My advice is to come and visit, meet people and see it Brunei market and labor market feet your needs.
Let me know if you pass by.

Hello pateince,

Thank you for this information. :)

Pateince is right, you should come and take a look.  It is a safe and friendly country and maybe you have a business idea that could suceed but I have lived and worked there for over 20 years and to be honest I would not invest in Brunei, there is too much 'red tape' the BEDB will tell you otherwise but somehow the other government departments have not heard about it!  I believe Brunei was ranked as the 158th country in the world in an ease of doing business survey.  I've moved to Malaysia and have not regreted 1 second.

Sadly labor laws are too relaxed,that employees will drive your business to the ground simply because they are under paid.

CIA facts tell us  there are workers working under slavery conditions and I don't doubt it from what I've seen.some are illegals from human smuggling.that explains the constant raids by the labor dept from tip offs and other sources.

I have a friend who tells me employing locals in his fancy restaurant was a disaster ! Not because the locals are a problem but the remuneration does not match the work requirement.

Brunei is notorious for monopolies in big business, you may be a bit late in grabbing a close royal partner.

At the moment there is quite a  few cafe's and restaurants closing or closed simply because the place is saturated with them.but if you think you can make a difference you are welcome to buy the business including the workers quota,the important part.

Every 2nd adult in a cafe is a middlemen..joke. Never the less brokers are common in Brunei you can be one too if you have what they need.

My guess is if your serious you can look into oil and gas on the down stream side where the requirements and capital are not as significant for foreign investors.The industry is getting bigger due to the settled ownership of the "BLOCKS" offshore off Limbang(once disputed territory between HM and Malaysia)

hi Bruneians,

My husband and me are thinking of setting up a very small business in Brunei..It's a pet shop, just want to know the steps, and whether a Pet shop biz can make it there. We r singaporean Muslims, i also have a small child, will it be hard to apply him in the local schools..What are the dteps i need to take, do i need to apply eg.PR, Long visit, VISA whichever to open a biz there or maybe even stay there for good as we r so stressful here in Singapore..want to live life as a family relaxingly and enjoy every moment of it

hello shewolfzyani

pet shop in Brunei wont be such a good idea because only few people in Brunei own pets, most people also live in flats and apartments, If you would like to start a business in Brunei please contact me and I know a person who is selling her restaurant there, her reasons for selling is because she is now living in U.K and it is hard for her to comeback every 3 months to check up on her business.

for your child I think you should try check out seri mulia sarjana school,

you can contact me at *** so we can go into details on a lot of things about Brunei.


I need information on Brunei

I am planing on doing business if anyone knows of anyone selling business in Brunei please do let me know.

Email ***

What's app me..on what type of business you are planning to do..*** Robert

Hi Julien,

Reach me at *** for me to share with you the information.


Dear All,

I was looking for how to register a company in Brunei and noticed this entry.. I normally wouldn't post in a random website but some of the information given here are quite misleading from some very.. questionable sources. So here's some helpful information, take it or leave it:

1. Bruneians (lower to middle class and above) live generally in houses. There are big 3 storey houses, wooden houses, terraces, bungalows, semi-ds and even shacks everywhere and even next to each other but most live in houses, not apartments. The government has given houses almost for free; a sizable 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and living room. There are plenty of empty apartments though and more being built.
Evidence: and

2. You can set up a pet shop if you want, there are only a handful so competition isn't that big. Bruneians keep lots of pets but there are also strays. Note that population is also not big but Bruneians have quite a big buying power compared to its size. I don't have evidence that I can find to support this, but Bruneians are able to drive many fancy cars because they are able to and still live comfortably. You can come and have a look around yourself. Muara district, also known as Bandar is the main city of Brunei. Most of the population is there. Belait district is where the oil and gas industry mostly operates. There are many expats but an underdeveloped oil town. New shops would more likely succeed here due to less competition. Land and shops are however, more expensive because of the oil and gas industry (people take advantage of the fact that these companies are willing to pay more).

3. Foreign investors can invest and many have with local "Ali Babas" (locals who rent out their permits or licenses to foreigners.. thereby earning money with no direct involvement in the company). There is a requirement to have local partners or shareholders but you can get more info from:

4. Government has recently started to make it more easier for people to set up business but it's still in phase 1 i.e. still some things to be worked out. Evidence:   and  and

5. Labour part is true. Locals prefer to work in government because of better benefits and pay so don't expect them to stay long. Foreigners (Indian/Indonesian/Filipinos) are usually employed and there is now a minimum wage (I hear 400 a month?) but accommodation must be provided.

Just check out or to read the blog of a civil servant in Brunei. Another local blogger but more sponsored type blog is

The economic development board website can also provide more information:

Who am I and why should you believe me? I'm a middle class, middle aged Bruneian who works in Belait, lived here all my life, studied abroad and have traveled and seen the world. So you can more or less trust what I say.

A Random Girl

Dear Random girl,

Good day.
This is syed Rashel here from Ireland .i have read your topic regarding Brunei .i believe this information will help to those who are intending to come in Brunei  for doing Business .as I understand that you are very femiller with Brunei and I am looking someone over there as like you.

I would like to discuss and share something with you .i would be appreciate if you provide  your email

Looking forward to talking with you soon.

Syed Rashel
BD international

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Hello RandomGirl,

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Shaazia Team

Hello there,

Hey there am looking for a business partner in Brunei  any idea please contact me

[at]Luq555 > I suggest you drop an advert in our Business partners in Brunei section to find the business partner you are looking for.

Kenjee Team

Hi Random, thanks its a well good info i travelling to brunei this weekend and someone ask me to open a restaurant business, but frankly I am new to this is there any guide or any agency for follow up for starting this new business inBrunei

What type of food industry you are looking  at ?

Hi friend
Iam saida.d from Brunei , may I know what kind of business you would like to start , iam also looking for someone to start a business with partnership .... Tq

Hi friend,
FYI in Brunei there are plenty of restaurants , my suggestion  better you can choose other business . Tq

Does any body knows of any restaurant for sale in Brunei ?


Please have a look at your other thread here >

Thank you,

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Question for Laigh44

Why did you move to Malaysia? What was the main cause of doing that ? Is Malaysia much more attractive for doing business or  maybe it is attractive because of the rate of living?


Asalamualikum saida
I am intresting to move brunei. could u please help me

Hi gus I would like to get some information about Brunei  pssoblity to open stor or coffe shop. If u have any information usfuulll let me now thank u

Hi  I really like to do business with u it nice u all ready familiar withe ur country
We can have meeting you and me by e mail or phone  to have real chat about it if u interesting let me now

WhT kind of business you wanna do

Would it be a good idea to set up a preschool or a tuition centre business in Brunei? 

I was a teacher for more than 10years (both locally and internationally) and now free-lancing. I already have a preschool curriculum in hand, just waiting for the right buyer or investors.  I don't mind setting up somewhere in the region as Singapore is too saturated.

Hi Julien,

What kind of business are you planning on doing?

Hi , I am looking to move to Brunei and I have an online healing business and would like to offer my healing in the country, I was told I need a sponsor to be able to have a business in Brunei , what is the best way to find a sponsor that is related to my business and what are the possible cost of such. I have been looking online only I have not found any answers to this. Any help greatly appreciated. Kyera

Hi Kyera,

You will need a Private Limited business registered where (on paper) you will be able to hold up to 49% ownership of the company. Once that's done, you would need to get a Work Permit and Visa which is good for 2 years at a time.

The rest is pretty much the same as anywhere else; premises, staffing, marketing etc. Do you have any information of the type of services you're planning on offering?

You're welcome to contact me personally if you have further questions at ***

Best of Luck!

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What kind of small business I can essily start in Brunei.. Please Advice

Dear Miss Random Girl,

You have provided some initial information which are quite appreciable. I need to discuss business in details with you if you are comfortable to communicate with me on my email: ***


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Great information resource by Randomgirl

Hi...not sure if there's someone able to advise on how to sell online scarfs and shawls. Also, how's the food business there. My husband is keen in opening a restaurant.Kindly share your 2 cents.tks

Hi u may call or text me on my WhatsApp ***

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Before we begin..what type of business are we looking at ?
At least I can tell you whether it's worth investing..


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There is too many restaurants now in Brunei..not worth giving a try..

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