How to find a job in Brunei


Are you an expat living in Brunei? Let's share your experience! 

What is the best way to find a job in Brunei?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Brunei.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation

Haha good question! I am seeking a job now in Brunei. They don't seem to post anything online, in fact I haven't found much of an online community (of expats) yet in Brunei.

Hi Chezong,

How did you go with your query?
I am looking for sources of information to find jobs in Brunei.
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for employment, locally you will find 3 categories:

-Government agencies: 60 % of assets
-Teachers: two private schools.
-Related jobs for Oil and Gaz industry.

You cannot really find employment agencies or office locally. The local newspaper is the main source for employment.

How to find a job in the Brunei?

Via the Internet? What are the most recognized and effective sites for the Brunei job seekers?

Hereafter , two relevant and reliable web sites for Job seeking:


-Borneo Bulletin.
-Brunei Straits time

From Web sites but also from the oil companies web sites:


But also on the two international schools Web sites.


I found also some advertisements of jobs in Brunei in

Some of my friends suggested

But being here on a short work stint. I have to advice caution when visiting those sites, as some of the companies tend to be very quiet about who they really are there.

oh yes, in case if some of you wonder why onebrunei's job classified page doesn't change.. the site link is not correct. The correct URL is

Maybe we should have a forum area for fellow Expats to just post Job posting around since there was a lack of such site.. what do you think?

hey every one, i am thinking of going for a vacation for a while to brunei to check out the country and the job possiblity. will that do me good, any suggestions, i am trying to relocate to brunei but not sure how.

thanks for the help

thank you for the websites..

Generally, it is very difficult, I would say, for foreigners to get a job in Brunei; many of the jobs advertised locally are ONLY available to LOCALS! This is to combat unemployment within the native population.

From what I have gathered in my 10 months living here, the only fields in which there is extensive 'foreign' employment are education (look at jobs with CfBT), jobs with Shell oil, and jobs related to the military - basically, areas where there is a lack of recruits from the local population. The field of telecommunications is also starting to open up as Brunei broadens its horizons on that score.

The easiest way to get a job here is to get recruited by one of these foreign enterprises BEFORE you come here. You are HIGHLY UNLIKELY to secure a job simply by turning up here - for starters, you need to secure a work visa before you arrive, and that is a long and complex process. Much easier if your employer can sort all that out for you! :)

I greet everybody,

thanks to you mexican for info,and to you tben, have a good work-week,and enjoy your work!


hi friends,
I'm also looking for job in Brunei. Presently I am working in Papua New Guinea.
Uday More

I am looking for a freelancing position as a language teacher, article writer, journalist or news reader. The languages at my call are English, Arabic, French, Urdu and Hindi. Please feel free to contact me if my services could be of value to you. my skype id: ahsanahsan720


You could post an advert in the Brunei classifieds > job section. It might help you.

hi im looking for a job in brunei? any one in need of an IT grad?

Salam i am ahmad i need a job please any one help me as soon as possible already i advertis with all my respect

Brunei has quotas on specific categories of work for foreigners,if your speciality is full too bad.but there are ways around it,for that seek out the employer you is willing to sponsor you that you want to work for and start from there if you get my drift.

hi im Ershad  looking for a job in brunei? any one in need of an accountant

I may visit Brunei in the next 2 months for a job assignment...anything that you can recommended?

Hi to all, I agree with emmarooney on his/her post. It is very difficult to find jobs in Brunei. But if anyone of you are interested in working with Brunei University as a Lecturer, please feel free to do so. Universiti (--> no spelling mistake, just the way it is) of Brunei is trying to improve its education system and are now looking for a lot of Lecturers. Brunei is also looking for overseas researchers to conduct their research in Brunei.

If you are interested in working in the research area. Go to and also
If you are interested in teaching then go to,

Why? There are a lot of benefits especially working with Uni of Brunei Darussalam, your benefits received is equivalent to those with the citizens of Brunei as well. Still there are a lot of thing that could put you off in Brunei especially with immigration stuff and so on. 

Another advice that I would give is, try to search jobs that have headquarters overseas and try semi-government sector of Brunei if you have to. You also need to have some unique qualifications or experiences that we don't have for them to hire you.

So ershadaj, yeah, a lot of job for accountant, but priority will be for Bruneians and Permanent Resident. Jobs such as researchers, IT, engineers (related to oil), doctors and lecturers will have better chances.

Hope this help!

Dear Sir/Madam, Salam alikum, I would like to have some information about job in Brunei.I am qualified in the UK as Interpreter English, French, Italian and Arabic. where can I look for job please?
In mean time I am qualified as Football Coaching as well in the UK, any chance to find a job?
[email protected]
many thanks for everyone.
salam alikum

I am student and this is my final semester. I will probably graduated by the end of this year and I wanted to work in Brunei after i graduated. I have read all of the posts above, it seems like very hard for a foreigner to get a job in Brunei. Is it possible for a fresh graduate to work in Brunei? I am a Malaysian, highest qualification is Bachelor of Commerce, major in Accounting and Finance. Do you guys think i will be hired in Brunei? I really hope that i could work in Brunei after i graduated.

French teacher, 8 years of experience in Mayotte and USA, is ready to work in the middle east....

Anyone has an idea that what kind of jobs are having high demand in Brunei?

my name is yasser abull saad egyption but working in  kuwait with permit visa with my family too so, i am looking for vacant matching my profile while i am working as hydraulic mechanic for industrial and heavy equipment too for more than 15 years experiance,

Hello welcomeen and welcome to! :)

You should post an advert in the Jobs in Brunei section. It can help.

Thank you,

hi all. Iam Rashid. Living in Saudi Arabia. Iam an Indian. interested in.migrating to Brunei recently. So i was wondering how can i make it happen. Basically iam an M.B.A in marketing (sales) and i have a masters in Chemistry too.
Both acquired from India. Currently iam working with Total Lubricants in Saudi.
Having great experience in sales of machinery lubricants. Position iam working is Assistant Sales Manager.
Please recommend some good opportunities if available. Thanks one and all.

SIMARD wrote:

French teacher, 8 years of experience in Mayotte and USA, is ready to work in the middle east....

Hi. Just want to correct you there, Brunei is NOT in the Middle-East, it is situated in South-East Asia, on Borneo island.
Hope this helps clear things up

Mmmh ok for the lucky ones who may land a job here,just beware the treatment and behavior towards foreign workers are not symmetrical.

this is the way it is here,they expect you to understand this unwritten rule
And they will love you for it,it sounds strange but it makes sense to them.

Oh if you see the Sultan(he loves to drive everyday on his routine routes) people usually don't wave,not that they don't like him but if you wave it wrong it is an insult,so better don't wave,just smile...not a funny smile..just a normal smile.

As you can see what I'm trying to get at,it filters down to the local population.

Aasalamu Aalikum dear sir\medam iam abdul mannan ahmed & iam completed diploma in computer science & iam working at service center from 5 years old till now so I will request you to please give me A good job in brunai thanking you its yours abdul mannan

hi, i am a post graduate in zoology with B.ed and M.phil.and is interested to work in Brunei. Where can i find job? could u please help me to find an agency in india, who are recruting to Brunei.

hi, i am an Engineer in TOYOTA MOTOR INDONESIA.and is interested to work in Brunei. Where can i find job? could u please help me to find an agency in Indonesia/Jakarta, who are recruting to Brunei.

I am Ex army SAS and SBS  special forces  Looking for security work

Salam to all
What about telecommunication field?
Anybody can share with us some useful informations?
How many companies working in field especially the landline?

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hi there, i'm looking for a job in brunei

Hi, m  arshad niazi law graduate, m ex radio operator from pak navy with
experience of last 20 years, I want job in Bronie Navy or any sutaible job overthere
yet m serving here in Bahrain Navy since last two years.

hard t find way to work in brunei

Respected Sir/ Madam,
Here by, I attached my CV along with my Testimonials, and I am Mullaiselvan.R, From Karaikudi with a base of B.E/EEE.
I have an experience & knowledge in PLC, SCADA, DCS, PAC, AutoCAD, Design, Installation and Testing & Commissioning of HT/HV/EHV/MV/ LT, Operation & Maintenance, Power Transmission and Distribution Substations & Installation of Electrical Equipments and so on.
At Present worked with a Supervisor Competency Certificate Holder candidate. So I offer myself as one of the person to come for getting the opportunity in the similar field of your company &  if you while conduct any interview please inform me too same. Kindly do further favorable needful action please.

Hi mullaisara  and welcome to!

Could you please post this advert in the jobs in Brunei section?

Thank you,

Christine- team

brunei job only for brunei people. not for outside poeple. i found long time also cannot get.

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