SEWA exams in Sharjah - Any info?

        This is Shajakhan , I'm working in contracting company in Sharjah I'm also new for attend the sewa exam.Please send me the exam model question and details, otherwise give me your mobile no

Hello Shajakan and welcome to :cheers:

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Hello Shajakan.

My name is Paul. I am also attending to take SEWA exam. Can you please help me regarding my concern?

Can I get your mobile number or whatspp number so that i can message you.

Thank you very much

Are u prepared that exam?

Yes. I am preparing for SEWA exam. You have notes regarding the exam?

My WhatsApp number ****

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Asslammualiqum bahijan.

Bahi plz help me
Plz give me notes and plz give me your contect no.
Plz bahijan help me.

Sir please give me your whatsapp no.??

Good Afternoon

i have my fewa exam in sharjah on 21 nov 2018.

Someone kindly help with the exam pattern

Hello Sir, csn u help me about SEWA exam.

any one  can  help me  with Sewa exam
I will have  my exam and  need  to  know  about  it 

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