ESE time between initial offer and final one

Greetings ,

I have applies through t4uae and got my initial offer two weeks ago .Then I submitted all required documents.
How much time do I need to wait till I get a contract?
They askes me in the email not to resign and this is not the final letter and I could be postponed
Have anyone gone through the same process and got the final contract? After how much time?
Can I still be considered for August or is it too late now?
@Ibrahim Nagi
I got the same email and the same concept . Onr week ago i got my initial offer and waiting for the contract but they didnt tell me that i would be postponed but dunno
I hope that it won't end up being waste of time

@Ibrahim Nagi when was your interview? What's your major?


Interview was in May I think. Major is English
Anyone please…What does Application status archived means?

@Life Facts  It doesn't mean anything. If you read the frequently asked questions, you will find that it means your application is still active and it is being processed. On the other hand, being achieved means you can submit a new application

@Ibrahim Nagi thank you

Hi guys is there anyone from South Africa who has been successfully placed for the ESE project?
I just wanted to know how long it took?
@Bronwyn David
Did you get an initial offer?
Or interview?
@Ibrahim Nagi

Hi, I have also applied but no initial offers. What does the initial offer entail anyway?

It tells about the salary and the benefits only
If you accept the salary and the benefits sign ot and wait the final contract


How long is the period between initial offer and contract?

Hey kh.Be,

Are you going through the same process? 1f914.svg

Feel free to give us more details.


Cheryl team

@Cheryl  Yes, I received the initial offer,  signed it and sent it back with other documents...waiting for the final contract from ESE .

@Cheryl Yes, I received the initial offer, signed it and sent it back with other documents...waiting for the final contract from ESE .
[email protected]


I hope that you get some good news soon.1f60a.svg

I got my offer on 7 July. The contract came on 16 September. My recruiter said the orientation and mobilization team will start with visas and flights, and the next orientation is to start on 16 October.

I haven't heard from anyone since. I'm sure I won't be there on 16 Oct.

I need to email my recruiter on Monday

@Teacher dM

m thank you for replying.

which recruiter are you with?

which subject or year group will you be teaching?

have they told you which emirates you will be in?

@Teacher dM

visa usually takes like no more than 3 weeks at the latest

@Teacher dM  I have been waiting for the visa for more than a month now and so far nothing.

What will happen after 16th of october?

Concerning the teachers who are already  working in UAE, how long have you waited between the initial offer and the official contract, and the joining date in an ESE school?


So I signed my initial offer in May and only got my contract end of September. Now I'm waiting on my visa.

This process is really long unfortunately, even I am concerned.

I pray that everyone's things get sorted soon.

@Aysha Ismail thanks a lot !

All the Best for everyone!

@Aysha, I'm with Edvectus and will be teaching English Middle/ High School. I don't know where I'm going yet.

spoke to my recruiter today and she says my visa is coming any day now and my start date is still 15 Oct which is less than a week away lol. It sounds like the visa will come and then fly out the next day… I'll believe it when I sit on the plane.

@Ibrahim Nagi, no idea what happens after 16 October. Let's wait and see.

@Teacher dM  please let us know once u receive the visa. Best of luck to us all

@Teacher dM

hello , I would like to ask you when did you get accepted before getting the offer letter?

@Teacher dM

Hi thank you for reaching out.

when did you sign the contract and when did your visa start?

my contract came two weeks ago, I am unsure how long this will take. I've really not had a good experi nice at all.

@Aysha Ismail I signed the contract on 16 September. Funny thing though, the dates on the contract were left blank, so there is no starting date on it.

as for the visa, I have no idea, as everything is going through the recruiter. Recruiter says visa is coming this week and I'm flying this week.

@Epsilon6 I waited …about 2-3 months  from the interview until I received the offer letter

@Teacher dM  all contracts are blank with no dates at all 😀😀.It worried me at first but now it makes sense due to the long time they take to process anything

They don't know when u are going to join.

@Epsilon6 your subject is maths, right?

As far as I know, No maths teacher got initial letter for the last 1 year. All maths teachers are waiting for initial offer letter after sending the documents. My interview was on 1st November 2021, result came on 15th November 2021. since then I have been waiting....I know some maths teachers who are interviewed months before me but still didn't get initial offer letter...I got an update on 22nd June after 8 months that : 'my pre employment check is completed and my profile is with school location team, will send initial offer letter soon'.... But still waiting 😔....

@Teacher dM

omg snap! Same time lollll

yes same as me!

what grade are you teaching? Have they told you what emirates you will be in?

visa should take no more than two weeks and they can fly you in to start your induction.

@rahulrt yes Math, I was interviewed and got accepted in June , I have sent them all the required documents but nothing yet 😩😩😩the recruiter told me that my profile with Dubai team which takes more time than Abu Dhabi . I thought I will be enrolled in August .

@Epsilon6 I received my initial offer letter yesterday....It was a long wait of 11 months after my interview results. I hope you will get soon.

@rahulrt  congrats !

@Ibrahim Nagi thanks

Hello people, good news for me ( and hopefully you). My ticket arrived today and I'm flying to Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

@Teacher dM congrats

@Teacher dM

congrats! I just wanted to ask how long your visa took? Have they told you when your induction is?

Anyone with world teachers? Or went through them?