Want to learn arabic.

Hello I want to learn Arabic. I am doing job as Web Developer in Ajman living in Sharjah so I dont have time to go to any institute for learning Arabic. I want to get online via skype or at home. Is any one teaching arabic?

Please contact me


Hi there, It is good to see people who are interested into learning the Arabic language. I can assist you to learn Arabic language but the Emirati tone. I will be glad to assist.

Great. I would love to talk in Emirati Style :-) It would be great honor if I can speak a bit of it.

Good then, but keep in mind I'm no teacher but I don't mind teaching you on daily basis word to word.

Wow. I am very OK with it Infact it is great. I know you are not teacher but I will honor you more than a teacher as you are trying to help our  :) So how should we start ?

i want to learn to

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